Pharaoh of Phyre

Type: Undead


Swing Cutlass (Short):
2 - 6 dmg
Poison (Str 1) 25%

Attacks / Round: 1
Defence: +7 to +9
Evasion: +9

Acid 20%
Air 125%
Cold 35%
Fire 35%
Hypnosis 90%
Lifeforce 50%
Light 50%
Magic 25%
Missiles 20%
Paralysis 20%
Poison 50%
Psionic 50%

(80% chance to cast)

Energy Blast 75%
Fireball 25%


Amazulu Zombie
Pharaoh of Phyre


25 - 100 Gold
Ankh of Phyre (15%)


Pharaohs of Phyre are weak undead mages with very limited spells, but even a weak mage can be dangerous for those who are not prepared.


Pharaohs of Phyre are deadly only due to their Fireball spell. If you cast Fire Shield and Magic Shield, you will likely find these encounters to be minor, especially after everyone has an Amulet of Phyre equipped, which these foes drop. Use your most potent Fire and Ice spells to destroy them quickly.




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