The sixth Wizardry game is composed of nine larger areas, with the Castle at the center of it all.



Optional sections of the walkthrough are in blue text so you can skip the unnessary to charge forward on your adventure.



Before you start, you need to be ready for what awaits you. Calling Wizardry 6 difficult is an understatement. If you want a comparison with modern first-person RPGs, imagine playing a new Elder Scrolls game on the hardest difficulty, with no weapons, no armour, no magic, and no abilities. Then limit your saves to only the quicksave, and tie one of your hands behind your back. Do you think I'm joking? You'll find out quickly how difficult this game can get, even on the easiest difficulty setting.

Before you begin your journey, you will first need to create your party or use the pre-defined group the developers left us. The most crucial part of creating a successful party is to keep it balanced. Can you survive with a group of fighters, or a squad of mages? Probably, but it will be a struggle to finish - especially since you will need to rely on purchasing more items.

The Castle: Main Level

See the Map of this Area

Once your party is created, press START NEW GAME to begin your adventure. You will automatically pass through the two southern gates of the castle, which promptly lock and seal behind you.

Your first instinct will be to explore the area, heading up and down the many stairs, and likely getting yourself killed. To survive beyond the main hall, you will need to level your characters first. Yes, that means several minutes, or even a few hours, spent running around the area doing absolutely nothing except fighting the random enemies that spawn in your path. Focus on developing the skills you need, and increase the Skulduggery ability of one of your party members to level 10 so you can start picking locks. There is also a Fountain of Stamina located in the heart of the main hall - use this to keep your Stamina replenished so you don't need to rest continually. This foutain also removes Poison effects.

Once most of your party reaches level 3 and can pick locks, you can start exploring the locked areas. Before you open each door, SAVE FIRST!

To pick a lock, open the menu in front of a door, and choose OPEN, then PICK. Choose the character with the highest Skulduggery. You will be presented with a screen representing two lock tumblers; more difficult locks will have more tumblers. The aim is to unlock the tumblers by pressing the Enter Key when they are both green.

If you fail to unlock the door, it may jam, which will prevent the door from being picked successfully again. If you jam the door, choose QUIT GAME - NOSAVE to return to the main menu, and restore your save. Be sure NOT to save and quit in error. With the lock in a JAMMED status, you have no choice but to use a key to open the door. These keys can also be opened with Iron Keys, which are dropped by enemies randomly.

Most of the areas behind the locked doors contain nothing of value, but picking these locks and fighting the enemies behind them will give you valuable experience and raise your Skulduggery to pick more important locks in later areas. There are also three chests on this main floor.

There are three optional chests in this area. Although being this early in the game, all of these items are likely useful to your party.

In the main hall, you will find two chests on the east and west side. These chests will tell you the order you should open them in. If you open them out of order, you will not get all of the items contained in the chests. The Entrance Left Chest contains potions and an Amulet of Life. The Entrance Right Chest contains a Sword of Striking and gold if you open it after the left chest, otherwise you get an Iron Key and Stave of Missiles. This sword may not be the most useful weapon in the game, but it is very effective at the start of the game.

The third chest is locked away in the Meeting Chamber found in the south-eastern corner of this level. Unlike the first pair, most chests are protected with lethal spells. Like locked doors, save before opening trapped chests.

First, use INSPECT or cast the spell Divine Trap on the chest to get information on the trap. The green letters will help you figure out which spell is protecting the loot. Once you have as much information you can get by Inspecting it, choose DISARM and select the correct name of the trap to disarm it.

Be sure to give your mage the Book of Directions you have received and use it to learn the spell. This spell lets you see which direction you are facing as if holding a compass.

The only place you need to visit on the main floor is the caged area in the far northern part of the map. To open the gate, find and press the button on the wall to the right (east) of it. The only thing of interest in this room is a Key of Ramm lying on the ground in the north-west corner. This key will be important later.


The Castle: Basement Level

See the Map of this Area

After your party reaches level four, you are now ready to travel to the Basement Level. All five sets of stairs going down will lead to the same area of the basement, so feel free to choose which one you want to use. I would recommend taking the stairs in the south-west corner since it is closest to your first shop. (Facing the entry, enter the right door and turn left to find the stairs.)

In the basement, we want to start by visiting the south end of the middle corridor. If leaving the south-west stairs, follow the path right, continue to the end, then take a left and head down the small hallway until you reach the two doors.

The left door to the Armoury is optional. We'll head in through this unlocked door first. Once you get past the enemies that guard the first room, you will find two small rooms when facing the south. The left door leads to an empty closet, but the right one holds a secret. Search the back wall of this closet for a button to open the passage into the Armoury's secret stash.

You will also encounter enemies within the Armoury, but the south-east corner will contain three possibly useful items, including a Bastard Sword, Chain Hauberk and Heraldic Shield. Some of these items may be valuable to a fighter, although nothing astounding. Once you've cleared out the place, return back to hallway.

The right side of the hallway across from the Armory holds the first shopkeeper, Queequeg.

If you've never played a Wizardry game before, this NPC encounter will be different. The gold you earn from battles is dispersed amongst your party, so when buying expensive items, you need to use the POOL command to give all the gold to one person. Also, the items available for purchase changes each time you encounter a shopkeeper, so you may have to leave the NPC, exit the room and re-enter a few times, to find what you need.

Other than looking for weapons and armour that are beneficial to your party, you should pick up the Mystery Oil and stash in someone's SWAG bag for later. I also recommend selling the Amulet of Life you picked up earlier as it is more efficient to save frequently and restore your save if someone perishes in battle, especially since you will lose Vitality on each resurrection.

Queequeg is also a fantastic source of information. Unlike most other RPGs, you have to type what you want to ask, so knowing what to ask is going to take time. If you already know the answers to the passwords in the game, this is optional.

One thing that Queequeg knows is the Password to enter a room just north of here. To get it, you need more information that you won't have at this point. Instead, ask him for "Rumors," followed by the "Frenchman" to learn about the "Beloved." You will need to remember this later.

If you attack an NPC, they will drop the key items they provide, but you will lose out on any knowledge they hold and lose a valuable shop. Killing the wrong NPC can also break your game by preventing you from progressing in your adventure. Be very careful if you decide to be evil.

Once you're done, leave Queequeq's room, and go to the chamber that makes up the east side of the area. To get there, turn left to return down the hallway, then turn left again to reach the eastern side of the room.

Along the eastern wall, you will find four low-level locked doors and two fountains. Both of these fountains are useless unless you want to get poisoned, so ignore them. If you need to replenish your stamina, take these eastern stairs and return to the main hall.

Three essential objects reside in these four rooms. Begin in the south room where you will discover some Rotten Cheese in the corner. Then go to the north room to retrieve the Wine Bottle in the north-east corner.

With the Rotten Cheese in hand, enter the room just north of the stairs. Before you proceed, REST until you are fully restored. The upcoming fight can be dangerous if you're unlucky. When you're ready, search the far corner of the room to find a small hole in the wall. USE the cheese you just found here to encounter an explosion of rats, including the Fat Rat. While the common rodents will be quickly dispatched, the Fat Rat will be a challenging encounter. Use the Lute frequently to keep it asleep or suffer massive damage.

Once you finally defeat the vermin, follow the newly opened passage to find a trapped chest. This chest contains a Feathered Hat for your Bard, Razor Stones, Resurrection Potion and a Stuffed Beagle, which will be useful soon. If you are planning on killing L'Montes, do not open this chest so it doesn't fill your inventory with items that cannot be dropped.

The last area we can visit in the basement is the jail area located north of the hallway where Queequeg's shop resides. The first door is unlocked, but the jail itself is not. Enter the first door and turn right to reach a locked door. After you pick the lock successfully or use an Iron Key, enter and search the far corner of this room to find the Jailer Key.

With this key in hand, we can now explore the jail proper. Return through the door, then turn to the right (north) and open the gate. Use the Jailer Key to open the prison cells in this area. Ignore the wall of bars as they are sealed shut.

The middle left cell contains a Deadman's Log and the Harmonium. If you read the log, you will find it to be encoded; be sure to save it in someone's SWAG for later.


The Castle: The Four Towers

See the Map of this Area

With everything in the Basement in our inventory, we can now explore the four corner towers accessible from the Main Floor.

I recommend exploring the north-east, north-west and south-west towers first. While they are not mandatory, you will find useful items and experience along the way. Just don't run off the edges of the towers as it will result in the death of your entire party.

The south-east tower holds L'Montes. As you head up that tower, you will catch glimpses of this old scoundrel until you reach a door you cannot pick to open. To enter, speak the word BELOVED, which you should have learned about from Queequeg. During this conversation with him, be sure to mention SNOOPCHERI. If you have investigated the items you've obtained so far, you may have figured out that he is looking for the Stuffed Beagle we found in the Basement. If you give him the dog, he will provide you with the Silver Key in exchange. L'montes is also a shopkeeper. He doesn't carry any important objects, other than the Silver Key, but you might find an item or two that might be useful.

Alternatively, you also kill L'Montes to get the Silver Key and a few random items, which might be preferred. The additional experience you obtain from this battle is more satisfying than keeping a remote merchant who doesn't sell anything unique.

Once you have completed your business with L'Montes, return back to the Main Level.


The Castle: The West Spire

See the Map of this Area

Enter the western corridor of the Main Level, then go up to the First Upper Level.

Upon reaching this floor, turn left and make your way into the south-west room, then down to south. You will find two Key of Spades resting on the far corner of this room.

If you have a Thief or Bard with a strong Skulduggery skill, you can skip the entire West Spire as the reason for the trip is to get the three Chrome Keys needed to explore this Upper Level.

If you need to head up to the West Spire, return to the Main Floor, and enter the central chamber near the fountain. The left stairs behind the fountain will take you up the five floors to the spire. At the top, you will find a door with a Spade above it. Use the Key of Spades to enter the door and encounter your first undead foe.

This encounter is challenging, but by using Dispel Undead and powerful fire magics, the Zombie will fall before it does too much damage to your party. The trapped chest in this area will contain a few Chrome Keys, a skullcap and other items. Once you have the keys, return the the Upper Floor.


The Castle: The Upper Floor

See the Map of this Area

The two types of doors in this area are opened with Copper and Chrome keys or with a decent Skulduggery skill. If you can, I recommend picking the copper locks and using the silver locks if you got them.

The southern rooms don't contain anything of importance, but don't let that stop you from exploring and gaining valuable experience.

Next, visit the Queen's Bedroom using the north door. You can ignore the jammed door at the north-west corner. If your Skulduggery ability is at least 35, you can successfully lock-pick this advanced lock, but it will take time. Alternatively, the Chrome Key you obtained will open the door. Once inside, open the door to your left, which can only be opened by lock-picking. Once inside the western room, you will find two doors to your right. The left (south) door cannot be opened so you can ignore the south side of the room.

The left of the two northern doors is the Queen's Boudoir. Inside you will find a button on the right wall; pressing this button will result in a chest appearing where the button once was. Disarm and open this chest to reveal a Stud-Cuir Bra +2 and a Bullwhip. If the Bra is useful to any female in the party, equip it. The Bullwhip should be beneficial to someone in the back row of your party, such as your Mage. After you've finished, return to the central upstairs chamber.

The eastern room is the King's room. Once inside the room, several options will be ahead of you, but I recommend going right first. The library here contains no books of value, but the far door here will lead back to an earlier room. Instead, examine the southeastern corner to discover the wire. If you pull it via either choice, a chest will appear, which contains the King's Diary and the Gold Key. Like the Deadman's Log, the Diary is also in code.

Return north to the King's Bedroom and enter the northern door on the western (left) wall. Press the button here to open the passage onward. As soon as you enter the next area, turn right to discover a gate with a chest behind it. Use the Key of Ramm we found earlier. In the trapped chest, you will find a Goat's Mask and a Dagger of Ramm. These two items will be needed only at the end of the adventure, so stash them in someone's swag. If you need to heal, continue down the hall, use the Key of Ramm again to open the gate and go to the far north wall to find two fountains. The left fountain will poison you, but the right one will heal both health and stamina.

Feel free to inspect the altar in the middle for some clues of what we will need in the future, then make your way back to the Basement Level of the Castle. Take the stairs down located in the northwest corner to the Bottom Level of the Castle.


The Castle: Bottom Level and the Altar

See the Map of this Area

The bottom level consists of a hallway with three doors. The first door demands a specific object to open it, and the third door requires two items we will find along the way. That leaves the middle exit. Use the Gold Key to gain access to the puzzle room.

The pits in this room will drop you to a lower level, which contains Giant Serpents. These are powerful enemies, which you will be encountering soon. These enemies provide a lot of experience, so feel free to jump in and see if you can survive. You may want to purchase some Cure Poison potions before leaping, though. Entering the doorway will teleport you back up to the puzzle room.

To progress through the pit room, you need to press a series of buttons in the correct order. Start by stepping on the middle square, then turn around to face the entrace. Swing left from the door and press the button at the south-east corner. The second button is at the far north-west corner. The third button is back at the entrance between the door and the gate we opened. Finally, return to the center of the north wall to press the button and get access to the Gold Key Chest.

This chest is trapped, but opening it is mandatory. Inside you will find the Book of Ramm, Amulet of Night and the Anointed Cloak. The other items may be valuable to your party, but the Book is needed to solve the puzzle on the first floor, which is where we need to return.

The enemies on the bottom level provide more experience than the other levels if you need to gain strength. Once you feel you are ready, return to the upper level by using the western staircase on the main floor, and re-enter the King's bedroom. Turn left and enter the door at the northern corner, then follow it north to the room with the two fountains and the altar.

As you step into the middle of the room and over the alter, you will get a long scripted description of the scene. Searching the area again will reveal the options of pressing three symbols; Flaming Orb, Goat's Head, and Magic Stave. Read the Book of Ramm to learn the correct pattern. If you are unable to solve the puzzle, it is Goat's Head, Goat's Head, Flaming Orb, Magic Stave, then Flaming Orb. A pit will open where the altar once was, which drops you into the northern room on the Castle Main Level.

To continue, you will need to take the brave leap into the Serpent Pit. Once you jump into the pit, you will not be able to return right away, so bring healing items. You may want to have a way to cure poison, first. Below you will encounter the Giant Serpents, which can be very difficult if you haven't increased your levels.

Once the battle is over, you will notice the gate back to the main hall is now closed and locked. The only way forward is down and into the Hazard Area to the north.


The Castle: Hazard Area

See the Map of this Area

This area is full of enemies comparable to the bottom floor of the castle, but you will also encounter Rotting Corpses and Dungeon Leeches in specific areas. This area is quite the maze, so I highly recommend you to follow the map for guidance. Head straight north, take the right path until it swings north again, then continue north, and finally, turn to the right. If you search the far corner of this room, you will locate a Miner's Pick on the ground.

Next, head back west the way you came, but continue to the far end until you reach another room. Search the ground here as well to find the Dungeon Key. This key will open the gates in the Castle Basement so you can return to the fountains if needed.

Exit this room and keep turning right until you hit a dead end. Search the wall to find an anomaly, then use the Miner's Pick you discovered to bust open the wall. Save before disarming and looting this chest; it will give you different random loot of varying usefulness.

After claiming your prize, go south and take a right turn, then immediately a left. The dead-end here can also be opened with the Miner's Pick.

Continue west down this new corridor until the end, then take a right and go north past the long pit to your left. Eventually, you will reach another room at the end. Search the far corner beneath the hole in the ceiling to reveal the Bell Key.

Back-track out of the Hazard Area. Turn right and go all the way to the east, then open the gate to the south with the Dungeon Key. Once inside, search the chains in the far corner to find the J.R. Decoder ring. With this, you can finally read the Deadman's Log. Reading this log will reveal the location of the buried treasure. Return the way you came and head to the far western wall, then go left (south) and open the two gates here to return to the basement we visited at the very early part of our journey. If you search the niches before leaving, you can encounter enemies such as the Zombie Bones.


Finishing The Castle

If you remember from an earlier conversation, Queequeg was asking for the treasure's location in exchange for the password. Tell him about the Giant Mountain to get the password for the Pirate's Den, which is located just down the hall. Alternatively, if you kill Queequeg, you will get the Ticket Stub. Use the J.R. Decoder to get the password.

With the password fresh in your memory, leave the shop, then go right to the next set of doors and turn left. To gain entry, you will need to tell them the password (Skeleton Crew). Save before you enter!

Once inside, you can either fight the captain or challenge him to a drinking contest. If you choose to fight, be ready for a challenging encounter. If you choose to drink, it will cost you several hundred coins, and requires lots of stamina, although, failure will result in the immediate expulsion of this room. I recommend to fight and ignore the potential of a non-violent confrontation. Plus, you get more sweet loot from defeating Captain Matey and his crew.

Once you get past the captain, use the Silver Key to open the gate in the middle of the room. Upon examining the corpse, you will encounter a few possibly useful items and a Steel Hook; this will be useful in a bit. The Green Parrot is cursed if equipped, but if you activate the special gift, it will disappear and give a point of Spirituality to the person who adorned it.

You may also check out the northern door in this room. There isn't anything critical here, but the items can be useful, especially the Skull Dagger.

Once you are done, begin your journey back to the main floor, then continue to the main hall of the Uppser Floor.

Swing around, and enter either door around stairs to find the way up to the Belfry. The path here is very linear as you journey up to the bell at the top. Once you reach the gap, use the rope and jump across. Each time you try to cross, it will spawn a group of bats. You won't be successful after each attempt, and the only way to find out if you were is to check if there is a locked door on the other side of the pit.

At the locked door, use the Bell Key to proceed. The chest is trapped, but inside you will find a Hv. Rope. Put the Rope and the Hook in one person's inventory, then use the MERGE option to combine these items to form the Rope & Hook. This is our ticket out off the castle.

Return the Hazard Area, and to the long abyss on the far left (west) side. At the edge of the pit, you will need to use the Rope & Hook we just constructed to swing across. Be sure not to get rid of this item as we will need to return to the castle this way later.

Once you're on the other side, follow the winding path. When you are informed about slurping sounds emanating from the darkness, I recommend resting and saving. This fight can be devastating if not prepared. The Hydra Plant will be prevalent in other areas, but at your current level, they are to be feared, especially in large groups.

After defeating your foes, head to the far wall where you will find a button to drop you down a level. You can press the button here again if you ever need to return to the castle. For now, turn around and head into the great outdoors and into the Mountain Area.


See the Map of this Area

Once you reach the base of the mountain, we need to start by heading left. Our goal is to head into the Mines. Keep to the right on the next branch until you find the stairs down with the Mine entry sign.

Continue to the Mines


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