The sixth Wizardry game is composed of nine larger areas, with the Castle at the center of it all.



Optional sections of the walkthrough are in blue text so you can skip the unnessary to charge forward on your adventure.


Temple of Ramm

See the Map of this Area


Inside, the evil Xorphitus will appear and welcome you. Remove the Goat's Mask and equip the Staff of Aram. Walk across the gap and approach the chest. Unequip the Staff of Aram, and open the chest to obtain the Key of Decision. You will find two doors on each side of this room. Save, choose one (you can only go forward from here) and enter. Once you pick a route, you can never explore the other path. I recommend the left path since you will be rewarded with an Ankh of Life, which can heal the character when equipped.

From here on, you will encounter some devastatingly powerful enemies. Heal completely after each battle, then save before continuing. The path is quite linear, with teleports driving you forward. You will be rewarded with a Key of 1st Test once you reach the gates on the second floor. Depending on the path you took, you will also get either life or death items.

Return to the middle to get another visit from Xorphitus, then open the chest to receive your Key of Quandry. Once again, choose either path, but expect even harder fights this time. Continue through a few portals until you reach the next level and the next chest. This one will contain the Key of Finality, a healing item and an Ankh.

Go through the gate to reach the highest level. If you wish to return to the bottom, press the button against the wall. When you are ready for the final conflicts, try to cross the bridge the confront Xorphitus and the Greater Demons he summons. Do not expect to win the first time, but if you find that can't win regardless of what you do, feel free to return the main floor to increase your level, then fight your way up to him again.

Once you finally defeat the insane wizard, tell him you are here for the Cosmic Forge to hear more of the story. After his long-winded speech, equip your mage with Xorphius' old attire, then prepare for the even more difficult fights ahead. Once you are ready, move to the very end of the hallway to encounter a chute that brings you to the lower level.

If you find yourself needing to return to the forest once you've reached the bottom, press the button here to return to the stairs at the entrance of the Temple of Ramm. You will need to repeat the journey up, so expect more battles

If you didn't wear the silver cross when the Bane King bit you earlier, enter the next room without changing your equipment to speak to the Bane King again, then to Rebecca. If you say that you love her, she will reward you with a unique ring to use in the sequel. You will also learn the "truth" about her mother, the one who gave you the cross and tasked you to kill them. She will then supply you with everything you need to progress the story. That's right, no fight for you.

If you wore the silver cross after listening to the queen, be sure to be ready for a fierce battle; the Bane King will be angry, resulting in the massive conflict with the two big bosses, Dracula and Rebecca. Before the fight, we will need to change our equipment. Your fighters need to equip the Holy Stakes of Wood, while the others equip the Holy H2O+. Distribute and equip the Rocks of Reflection amongst your party. Cast max level Enchanted Blade, Armorplate, and Magic Screen.
Once you are in the battle, cast your other magical defence and boosting spells, and use the Silver Cross to weaken Dracula. You will only be able to damage your enemies with your sticks and Holy Water; all other weapons and spells will not harm them. Many of your party will likely fall in this battle. If you do not have resurrection potions or someone alive that can cast resurrection, you may want to restore your previous save.

Regardless of your choice, you will need the password for the gate ahead. Use the Ring of Stars we got from Rebecca on the King's Diary, which we found early in the game. Once you learn the password, stand in front of the gate and say The Hand of Destiny.

In the next area, you will reach the Cosmic Forge. If you choose to take the forge, the game ends here. If not, go around to the back wall and walk through the torch to venture further into the lower levels.

If Rebecca lived, use the B.D. Key to open the door and converse with Bela. If you decide to follow him to pursue the Cosmic Lord, the game will end here. If you choose to go on your own, we will need to continue further with the Key of Stars.

If Rebecca died, you will need to use your lockpicking skills or a high-level Knock-Knock spell to open this max difficulty door. (Don't expect to be successful the first attempt.) Before you enter the door, prepare for yet another extremely challenging battle. Bela can be harmed by any weapon, but he has an extensive amount of hit points. Defeating him will reward you with unique items to take into the sequel, and a Key of Stars.

Use the Key of Stars to enter the next room. Here, you will be bestowed with your ride to the next game!

Regardless of the ending you got, you will be transported back to the Forest. Here you can use the North Exit Key at the south-west gate to return to the castle.

Once you are ready, save your game, then export the SAVEGAME.DBS file somewhere to import into Wizardry 7.



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