The sixth Wizardry game is composed of nine larger areas, with the Castle at the center of it all.



Optional sections of the walkthrough are in blue text so you can skip the unnessary to charge forward on your adventure.


Mountain Area

See the Map of this Area


As you take a breath of fresh air, save, then follow this path until you come across a Toll Troll. You will have a choice of either paying the troll or fighting. The price is very high, 5000 gold. It is up to you, but I recommend fighting.

The troll has high magic resistances, especially in cold, paralysis, hypnosis, psionic, lifeforce, magic, and death. I recommend hitting them with fire magic at the highest levels you can. If he invited a lot of friends, use magical attacks that damage the entire group, if possible. Armour Shield and playing Angel's Tongue is also highly recommended.

Once past the Troll, take the path left then turn right to reach the base of the mountain. Save before trying to climb, in case you fall. If you can cast the Levitate spell, it will protect you if you fall. Once you climb up to the next level, find the path up again and continue climbing. At the top of this mountain, you will find a pile of Hv. Boulders. If you find you need more, you can come back here to grab more.

Save, then make your trip slowly down the hill. At the bottom, return to the mine. You will need to zig-zag south-east until you reach the dark room, turn around, then go west to Stairs E back up to Mountain Area.

As you follow the path until the end, search the wall to find a button that no longer works. You will need to use that Mystery Oil we purchased from Queequeg so long ago. If you don't have it, you will need to take the long trip to the castle to get some.

This will reveal an instruction manual, of sorts, and a group of buttons. If you find the instructions confusing, the correct order is Toggle Safety, Translux Pump, Auto-Coilwrap, Truss Drivers, Toggle Safety, then Spring Winder. This will lower the drawbridge to allow your party to continue to the top of the mountain.

Like before, you will need to scale the mountain. This time three steps will be required. Once you reach the top, you will find a button hiding a chest. The chest will contain Bauble & Trinkets, but if you killed Queequeg, it will contain the whole treasure. It is up to you if this is worth losing a shopkeeper in the castle. The experience you gain from open the chest is useful. Return down the mountain and back to the mines.

This time, make your way to the far southern stairs (#1), swing around in the dark, and go upstairs (#2) again. Make your way to the western stairs (F) to enter the southern mountains.

Follow the trail west until you reach the Catapult located just before a gap in the path. Searching here will reveal items we need to get it working, most of which you already should have, and a Broken Sprocket.

To repair the Sprocket, return the mines and visit Smitty. You will need to give him the item and pay 1000 G to get it fixed. If you killed Smitty, merge the Liquid Metal you received with the Sprocket to repair it.

Once you the Sprocket, return to the catapult. To repair the device, use the Sprocket and Rubber Band. Use a Hv. Boulder to arm it. Save first, then Latch, Wind Up, and Release. If successful, you will continue forward now. If not, restore your save or head back to the mountain top to get more boulders.

Continue past the catapult, and head up the mountain one last time. Once you go up three times, you will meet the Gryn Twins. Frytz Gryns and Klaus Gryns are extremely deadly if you didn't increase your level enough. Klaus doesn't always appear, but if he does, target him first or suffer the magical attacks he throws at you.

Once you defeat the giants, rest and save before venturing up the stairs. The Guardian of Rock is more challenging than what you just faced. This enemy is resistant to all magical attacks but is weak to acid. A few acid bombs are useful here. Also, cast the highest level Missile Shield you have to protect yourself from the boulders it will hurl at you.

After you are victorious, claim your Ruby Eyeball and turn around. Return to the previous level down, but this time follow the path to the right. You will find a button that drops you to the base of the mountain and the entrance to the Amazulu Pyramid.

Continue to the Amazulu Pyramid


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