The sixth Wizardry game is composed of nine larger areas, with the Castle at the center of it all.



Optional sections of the walkthrough are in blue text so you can skip the unnessary to charge forward on your adventure.


The River Styx

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To progress, find the seal on the ground, and use the Horn of Souls to call upon your ride. Charron will take your party to a nearby island for a small fee. You don't have ashes to give him, yet, so give him the 500 G to continue.

He will take you the long way down the river to the Isle of the Damned. If you need to return to the castle, call Charron from the seal again.

If you want a marvellous battle, you can fight Charron, although odds are, you will fail. This foe is a Legendary foe, and even more powerful than the final bosses. The experience you will gain is exceptional, and the best part is, you can fight him repeatedly by just calling him again.

Head to the main door to discover The Book of the Damned and the Key of the Damned. The book will give you a hint of what to expect soon. The Key can be used to open all the side gates in this area. Explore the left (north) side first, where we will find a skeleton with a Cylinder of Ash in the far room. The room next to the water holds a raft just beyond the gate, but we'll come back to that later.

On the right (south) side of the island, the far room contains nothing of value, but the one next to the water holds the Mino-Daemon. Use physical attacks and cold magic to overcome this monster. A high-wield Deep Freeze spell might even destroy it with a single shot! Cast Fire Shield if you find the fight too painful.

After conversing with the spirit trapped by the Daemon, loot the skeleton for another Cylinder of Ash, the Key of A Minor, and possibly useful weapons and armour. With this key, we can now enter the Tomb of the Damned.

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Before we go downstairs, let's visit the two fountains on each side of this staircase. The left one heals Stamina, HP and cures Sleep, and the right fountain will restore your magic. The enemies below are powerful, and you will need to return to them frequently.

Within the tomb, you will discover two large chambers on each side, both of which need a key. The Tomb Key you require is found at the end of the corridor, protected by a Zombie Guard. This area is mostly filled with humorous tombstones, although a few powerful ghost enemies will attack if you search their remains. Not all encounters are required, but the experience and items are incredibly helpful. Amongst these graves, you will find Bulli’s Ghost, Eila’s Ghost, Maro’s Ghost, and Narci’s Ghost.

The grave at the far north-east corner is your goal. The Book of the Sirens is needed to get past the next area. Once you have cleaned this area out and increased your character level if you found yourself too weak for these fights, return to the River above.

Don't call Charron, yet. Find the raft located in the north-west room. Before you use the crank on the raft, read the Book of Sirens. This book contains the answers needed for your future encounter. Memorize or write down the chorus so you can follow along, and save just in case.

As you board the raft, it will automatically bring you to a small nearby rock. You will encounter an enemy along the way, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem. The Sirens, on the other hand, will kill you if you don't sing their song along with them. Sure, you will fight them if you fail, and there is a chance you may win, but there is also a chance of lighting striking your computer and giving it life. Yeah, don't mess up the chorus.

Your reward for your hard work is the Water Wings, which allows your party to walk on water. That means you don't need to pay the ferryman again! Return to the island via the raft.

Before you continue, use the horn and call Charron. When he asks you for ashes, tell him yes, but deny passage. If you give him the two ashes, you will get 500 G and a pack of extra random increase for your core stats for your party, which will help significantly in the coming fights.

To walk on water, USE the Water Wings at the water's edge, then step onto the water. As soon as you leave the water, your Water Wings will stop, so you will need to use the item again each time you want to traverse the river.

You likely have a lot of items to sell, so we'll start by going left (south) down the river. If you are following the map, you will likely notice the river loops on itself. Thankfully, this allows us to explore this region faster than if we'd need to backtrack each time.

As you venture southward, stick to the right wall to find a small area of ground with a locked door. No key can open this door, so save first and use your lock-picking skills or a Knock-Knock spell to get past the door. Keep trying until you are successful, the items behind this door are required if you are looking for an easier ending.

Inside are three pieces of fishing equipment. Be sure to give everything to one person, then merge the Fishline and Fish Hook to make the Fishline W/Hook.

There are three optional chests you can collect along the left (east) side of the river (chests 6, 7 & 8). These contain many random items that might be useful in your adventure.

Venture back to the Isle of the Damned, then traverse to the north-west to find the Isle of the Lost. When you set foot on this island, you will be informed that you are walking on sand. People often bury things in the sand, right? Search the corner of this room to discover the Key of the Lost.

Go north of the key through the hidden door and to the locked door. The writing on the wall tells you the location of a hidden treasure. Before we look for the X that marks the spot, let's loot this island for essential ashes. This door can only be opened by lockpicking or the Knock-Knock spell. The gate behind it must be opened with the Key of the Lost. Collect the Ash, and any items you find valuable, then leave this island.

Before we v-line to the end, let's take an optional trip down the rabbit hole.

Follow the river's west coast northward. Find the Isle of the Keep where you can pawn any merchandise you don't require. If you follow the west wall northward from this new island, you will encounter a Red X. If you missed the hint from the Isle of the Lost, travel east for three steps away from the wall, then turn left and take a step north. Use the Fishline W/Hook to snag your treasure, the East Exit Key.

Return to the western wall, then follow the wall northward until you reach the staircase. If you head up a few more flights of stairs, you will reach the Eastern gate. Unlock this with the East Exit Key to access The Swamp.


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The path in the swamp is surrounded by water, but the Water Wings will not work in this area. The swamp is a maze, with nothing of value except for experience from the higher levelled enemies. Our goal is to visit a hookah-addicted Caterpillar at the south-eastern corner. From the entrance, turn left, follow the trail while taking the right path twice, then go left until you reach your new friend.

This NPC has a small shop of magical and bardic goods. Feel free to shop and get some Incense while you're here, but be sure to ask about the Hookah before you go. Reclamation is the keyword you need from him. From his hint, you may deduce that you need to head to the Isle of the Keep, which we briefly visited on the way here.

If you want his mushrooms, do not fight him. He only gives drugs to friends.

Retrace your steps to leave the Swamp and return to the river. Take a right turn to locate the Isle of the Keep again. When you tell Mai Lai about Reclamation, she will ask for the Claim Number. You don't have that knowledge, so revisit Caterpillar and ask him about it. After listening to his plan to recover the number, and receiving the Special Message, return to the river.

Give the Wine Bottle, Special Message, and Cork Bobber to one person. First, combine the Wine Bottle and Special Message, then join it with the Cork Bobber. This will give you the Bottle W/Msg + Cork.

Find the Isle of the Damned, where Charron brought us to earlier, cross the river, then follow the left (west) wall until you find a small square opening. As you enter this square, you will be notified that you have reached the Bottle Oracle. If you have issues finding it, please consult the map below.

Do not drop the bottle before attaching the cork, or it will sink in the water. That is very bad. Use the Fishline W/Hook to try to recover it if you do. After you drop off the Bottle W/Msg + Cork and watch it float away, journey back the Isle of the Lost to retrieve it again.

Return to Isle of the Keep and visit Mai-Lai again. Before speaking to her, make one last look at her shop, then tell her Reclamation again and tell her the Claim Number given by using the bottle. She will now flee your coming foe and will be gone forever. Continue to the vault where Bork, and possibly a friend or two, will greet you once you enter the door. This fight isn't difficult, but I recommend getting rid of Bork's friends first, then focus on the main enemy.

After the fight is over, continue onward through the unlocked door, and recover the Hookah Pipe and other items. Return to the Swamp, barter with the insect one last time, then give Caterpillar his pipe. If you tell him you want to get small, he will give you the Red Mushroom.

Return to the river and revisit any of the seals to call Charron. Offer him the third Cylinder of Ash. Instead of taking it and granting you a prize, he will give you the Key of the Dead and tell you to return the Ashes yourself.

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