Magic in Wizardry 7

Magic is complex, powerful, and dangerous in the wrong hands. Knowing what is needed to cast a spell, especially at high levels, is essential — casting a powerful spell before the character is ready to lead to a swift death or worse.

Oratory is the skill that controls the success, or lack thereof, when casting spells. While possible to speak a weak level 1 magic spell at low levels of Oratory, casting the same evocation at level 7 with that same skill level is a great way to kill your entire party. Your skill of speaking spells increases through use but check that it is close to the character's skill level in their realm of magic before making a reckless cast.

The spell power levels increase depending on your magic class's skill level. You automatically get level 1 when you learn the skill, then earn new spell levels at 18, 36, 54, 72, 90 and 98.

Most classes in Wizardry 7 can wield magic, but their access is limited to certain realms (or spheres) of magic.

Magic realms available for each class
Fighter None
Mage Thaumaturgy
Priest Theology
Thief None
Ranger None
Alchemist Alchemy
Bard Thaumaturgy
Psionic Theosophy
Valkyrie Theology
Bishop Thaumaturgy
Lord Theology
Samurai Thaumaturgy
Monk Theosophy
Ninja Alchemy

Because the total reservoir of mana depends on the number of spells known, I recommend changing classes to ensure your caster can learn many of the spells possible in the game.

Magic Realms

Fire Spells:

Blinding Flash Dazzling Lights Energy Blast Fireball Firestorm Fire Bomb Fire Shield Lightning Nuclear Blast Psionic Fires Prismic Missile

Water Spells:

Chilling Touch Cure Disease Cure Paralysis Deep Freeze Draining Cloud Haste Ice Shield Iceball Paralyze Restfull Slow Stamina Superman Terror Weaken

Air Spells:

Air Pocket Asphyxiation Cure Poison Deadly Air Deadly Poison Death Cloud Levitate Missile Shield Noxious Fumes Poison Poison Gas Purify Air Shrill Sound Silence Stink Bomb Toxic Vapors Whirlwind

Earth Spells:

Acid Bomb Acid Splash Armor Shield Armormelt Armorplate Blades Create Life Crush Cure Stone Direction Itching Skin Knock-Knock Web Whipping Rocks

Mental Spells:

Bless Charm Confusion Cure Lesser Cnd Death Detect Secret Divine Trap Hold Monsters Identify Illusion Locate Object Locate Person Mental Attack Mind Flay Mindread Psionic Blast Sane Mind Sleep Spooks Watchbells Wizard Eye

Divine Spells:

Anti-Magic Astral Gate Blink Conjuration Death Wish Dispel Undead Enchanted Blade Heal Wounds Healthfull Lifesteal Make Wounds Magic Missile Magic Screen Recharge Resurrection Remove Curse Word of Death Zap Undead


(Alchemist Spells)

Acid Bomb Acid Splash Air Pocket Asphyxiation Bless Blinding Flash Charm Confusion Create Life Crush Cure Disease Cure Lesser Cnd Cure Paralysis Cure Poison Cure Stone Deadly Air Deadly Poison Death Cloud Draining Cloud Fire Bomb Heal Wounds Itching Skin Noxious Fumes Poison Poison Gas Purify Air Sleep Stamina Stink Bomb Toxic Vapors Web Whipping Rocks

(Mage Spells)

Air Pocket Anti-Magic Armor Shield Armormelt Asphyxiation Astral Gate Blink Chilling Touch Conjuration Crush Death Deep Freeze Detect Secret Direction Energy Blast Fire Shield Firestorm Ice Shield Iceball Knock-Knock Levitate Magic Missile Magic Screen Missile Shield Noxious Fumes Nuclear Blast Prismic Missile Recharge Resurrection Shrill Sound Sleep Spooks Stink Bomb Terror Watchbells Weaken Web Whipping Rocks Wizard Eye Zap Undead

(Priest Spells)

Armorplate Blades Bless Charm Conjuration Cure Disease Cure Lesser Cnd Cure Paralysis Cure Poison Cure Stone Death Wish Dispel Undead Divine Trap Enchanted Blade Firestorm Haste Heal Wounds Healthfull Hold Monsters Identify Lifesteal Lightning Locate Object Locate Person Make Wounds Paralyze Purify Air Recharge Remove Curse Restfull Resurrection Sane Mind Silence Slow Stamina Superman Whirlwind Word of Death

(Psionic Spells)

Armormelt Astral Gate Blades Blink Charm Confusion Cure Paralysis Cure Lesser Cnd Dazzling Lights Death Detect Secret Divine Trap Haste Heal Wounds Hold Monsters Identify Illusion Knock-Knock Lifesteal Locate Object Locate Person Mental Attack Mind Flay Mindread Paralyze Psionic Blast Psionic Fires Resurrection Sane Mind Shrill Sound Silence Sleep Slow Spooks Stamina Terror Watchbells Weaken Wizard Eye