The Skills of Wizardry 7

Knowing which skills to prioritize in Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant can drastically change the ease and enjoyability of your adventure. Some skills have changed since the earlier titles, so I recommend a quick review of these even if you recently finished Bane of the Cosmic Forge.

Weaponry Skills

Weaponry Skills affect the character's ability to equip and use weapons in combat, blocking a blow and turning their hands and feet into deadly weapons. I recommend only putting a few points into the skills you need and let them naturally increase with use in combat.


Axes, such as battle and hand axes, are enhanced with this skill.


The flair of firing arrows when handling any bow.

Hands & Feet

This is the capability to strike with bare hands or feet and turn them into powerful weapons.

Mace & Flail

This skill is the talent to wield mace-like items, flails or hammers in combat.

Pole & Staff

The ability improves the ability to wield bo, staff, or halberd weapons.


It takes plenty of art to effectively block blows with the various shield types.


Hurling stones or other objects with a leather strap on cords requires experience.


All swords, including the katana, are covered under the sword skill.


The skill of throwing darts, potions, shurikens and other weapons.

Wand & Dagger

This is the ability to use daggers, wants and other small items in combat.

Physical Skills

Physical Skills are the ability to perform specific actions that require practice and experience. Some of these skills increase slowly through use but need at least 10 points to be of any use. Others will not improve on their own, and manual allotment is required.


Seasoned climbers can successfully scale walls, climb in and out of pits and take falls without taking fatal damage.


This is the skill of pickpockets and thieves. With this ability, they can steal items and gold without being noticed.


Musicians can play enchanted musical instruments that evoke magic-type spells. Higher skills will improve the spell cast.


Ninjas and other sneaky classes can use Ninjutsu to hide in combat. Higher skill points also lower the natural AC of Ninjas and Monks.


Oratory is the vocal discipline needed to vocalize magical spells in combat. Spells may fizzle or backfire if this isn't high enough.


Characters with the Scout ability can find secret doors, buried items or other hidden things. This skill does not improve with use.


Master treasure hunters and thieves require high levels of this skill. This allows them to inspect and disarm traps and pick locks.


Characters with less than 10 skill points in swimming will drown in deep water. Additional skill points will allow easier passage across water.

Academia Skills

Academia skills are the ability to learn and understand magical or intellectual topics. This is needed for spellcasters to learn new spells, know how to kill instantly, know magical items, or negotiate with others. Spellbook levels are locked with set values to learn: 18 for 2nd level, 36 for 3rd, 54 for 4th, 72 for 5th, 90 for 6th and 98 points for 7th level spells. These skills do not improve on their own.


This art is required to learn, practice and exercise Alchemist spells.


Magical Artifacts and items require the knowledge of them to identify and use them successfully. This skill can be improved by invoking enchanted items.


Negotiation and creation of pacts between groups or parties allow negotiators to make deals and alliances when others would fail.


This deadly skill and knowledge allow the possessor to strike a vital blow to kill an opponent in a single strike.


The ability to map and transcribe terrain will allow the seasoned explorer to know where they are.


The knowledge of creatures will allow the character to tell similar creatures apart.


Reading magical spells from a scroll requires experience and the abilities of a Scribe.


The study of magical arts, elemental spheres and holy and unholy words allows Mages to learn and use their spells.


Greater divine interests and beliefs improve the ability to learn and use Priest spells.


This is the mental and spiritual ability to allow those to learn and use Psionic spells.

Personal Skills

Guardia holds unheard knowledge to those who never reached this planet. These hidden skills can be found and learned while exploring this world.

Eagle Eye

Those with Eagle Eye have improved accuracy with weapons or spells. To learn this: Rescue Jan-Ette from the T'Rang Assassins, and bring Jan-Ette's Helazoid Pennant to Dame Ke-Li at the City of Sky to get a pendant. Use the Helazoid Pendant to aquire this skill. Only one character can learn this.


The use of projectile weapons, such as muskets, uses the Firearms skill to load and accurately fire. To obtain the skill, enter the firing range in Ukpyr and practice. Each character who will use firearms must do this to learn. Once learned, using any gun-type weapon will improve their ability.

Mind Control

The adept in this skill can control their minds to fend off sleep or Psionic spells. Kill the Psi-Beast in the Temple of Eternal Night and meditate in the chamber protected by the secret word of "Moo." Any who stays awake will learn this ability. Repeatedly meditate here to improve the skill.

Power Strike

The character can unleash an attack that yields massive damage with the weapon. Find the Gem of Power in a secret room within Murkato's Inner Sanctum and envoke it. Only one character will learn it.


The Reflexion ability allows the characters to jump and move faster than the eye can see in and out of combat. Ask Blienmeis about Reflexion in Ratskells and buy the ring for 12000 Gold. Use the ring's ability to learn the skill. Only one character can learn it.

Snake Speed

This speed imbues the knowledgeable character with lightning reflexes affecting attacks and defence. Obtain the flowers Xen Xheng requests in the Land of Dreams. Merge Holy Water with the White Dahlia, then merge this mixture with the other four flowers. Only one will learn it.