Maps for Wizardry 7

Below is the fully detailed and interactive map of all areas in Wizardry 7. The overworld map doesn't align perfectly, so we added arrows in some areas to point to the connecting map.

Click or Hover over icons or areas for more information.
Click on titles, entrances and floor up or down icons to jump to that area.
Use the compass at the top-right corner to zoom and scroll the map.

Please note this map should be considered 99% complete. I should have recorded the difference between Doors and Gates initially, as well as ladders and stairs. Some NPC's positions may also be slightly off. They will be fixed as I make the walkthrough. If you notice any issues, please let me know via the Contact Us link on the bottom of the page.

Static Maps are available here if you have scrips disabled or your device cannot use the interactive map.

Tomb of the Astral DominaeHall of the PastLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Hall of the DeadChamber of GorrorsCity of SkyDragon MountainMyrmideon ForestGreater WildsLesser WildsSea of SorrowsWitch MountainGiants' CaveSphinx CaveUkpyr MountainsTramontane ForestUkpyrMunkharama ForestLost TempleLevel 1Level 2Level 3MunkharamaMunkhamara Bean DungeonEryn RiverOrkogre CastleLevel 1Throne RoomLevel 2Royal ChambersPrisonsArmoryLevel 3Orkogre ForestFunhouseLevel 1Level 2Barlone'sLevel 3Level 4Rattkin ForestRattkin RuinsNorthern ForestNyctalinth CavesTomb of Vilet KanebeNyctalinthRed ForestField of Wild OrchidsTomb of Ra-Sep-Re-TepNew CityAbby CellarOld CityDionysceusLevel 1:Temple of The InitiateLevel 2:Temple of Divine OrderLevel 3:Temple of Eternal NightLevel 4:Temple of Aerial WhimseyLevel 5:Temple of Deadly CoffersLevel 6:Temple of The WanderersLevel 7:Pit of the HellspawnLevel 8:Pit of the Demon Spawn

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