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Rune Factory Frontier

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About Rune Factory Frontier


Welcome to Trampoli! You'll come the relaxing farming life, but stay for the dungeon crawling.

This is not the Harvest Moon that you will remember from times past. Where Harvest Moon games were completely centered around growing crops and making an income for your farm, this game has a very large Action RPG part of the game where you will explore dungeons, fight enemies and save the lives of the NPCs.

What starts with you growing crops on a farm, making friends and finding love in town, soon explodes to taking up weapons and saving the village from being destroyed. Even though fighting monsters and exploring dungeons make up a large part of the game, everything still centers around your farm which provides income, a place to cook food, make items, weapons, and tools, as well as a place to rest your head at night.

Your actions are governed by the amount of time you have to spend in a day. Each day, you wake up at 6am, and spend the day growing crops, talking to the townsfolk, buying items at shops, and adventuring. While outside and in dungeons, time advances one minute per second of time played, but stops while you are inside houses or in the middle of a boss battle. Failure to return home to sleep at a reasonable time will cause you to sleep in, and possibly become ill. There are 30 days in each of the four seasons which will determine which crops can be grown at your farm and the type of weather you will experience.

Every action that requires use of a tool or weapon will use Rune Points (RP), which you are given 500 points of each day. Once the 500 RP is used up, each action will begin using your Health Points (HP) instead. You can recover your RP by either eating food or using items you have created, purchased or found, by touching a Rune Stone, which is created by a fully mature 9x9 square of any crop in dungeons, or taking a bath in the local bath house. As each class of item levels, the RP usage will also decrease allowing you to do more with the same RP as you advance through the game.

Monsters are also a very large part of the game. Not just in fighting, but in taming them as well so that they can help you. There are basically 3 classes of monsters once you tame them. They will either be able to help out at the farm, provide items like eggs, milk or wool, or fight by your side in dungeons. If you want to get rid of one you have tamed, you can return a monster to the "First Forest" by choosing the option while they barn. In the wild, they can be quite dangerous. Like expected, they will attack you at first glance and even if you manage to defeat them, and didn't close the portal they spawned from first, that same monster will return like a bad weed which you will have to fight again.

If you are ready to jump in, look up to the Whale Island floating above, and climb up the beanstalk. An incredible adventure awaits!



  Genres:   Action RPG, Simulation
  Platform:   Nintendo Wii
  Rated:   CERO: All Ages
ESRB: E10+
  Developer:   Neverland Co.
  Publishers: EU Rising Star Games
    JP Marvelous Entertainment
    US Marvelous Entertainment
Xseed Games
  Released: EU April 1, 2010
    JP November 27, 2008
    US March 31, 2009

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