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Rune Factory Frontier Farming Guide


Farming is one of the most important parts of the game as it is the only way to generate a good income to afford items, but also the easiest way to heal your wounds in the dungeons. This sections will outline the tools needed, the different areas that crops can be planted and, of course, the crops themselves. Also on your farm, you will have the ability to build a barn for monsters which can provide other types of materials as well has help with the farm work, which will be covered in the Monsters Guide.


Tools of the Trade

There are 5 basic types of tools needed to prepare and care for your crops; Axes, Hammers, Hoes, Sickles and Watering Cans. In order to upgrade these Items, you will need a forge and the necessary items, which will be covered in the Crafting and Forging Guide.

Each tool uses a certain amount of RP to use, depending on your skill and it's level. If your skill is too low to use the item, you will use more RP than normal, but if you use your crafting skills to make the item of a higher level, you can reduce it's RP usage almost to nothing. Be sure to check these levels before upgrading your tools as once you change the level of item, there is no way to go back, if you don't you may end up not being able to use it without significantly reducing the amount of RP you have left to adventure. You can upgrade the quality of the items by using higher quality ore (etc.) which will also lower the RP cost per use.

Note that the upgrades will change what the charged up uses will do, normal uses will always be the same. Like all other tools, hold down the use button to charge them up to use the special attack, otherwise it will always be the same a the level 1 version of that item.

  Item Name   Skill Required   RP Use   Attack   Description  
  Cheap Axe   1   13   8   A very old axe that can only cut branches. Obtained from Stella after a few days into the game.  
  Chopping Axe   10   13   18   Can be used to chop stumps, but it will require many swings to do so.  
  Lumber Axe   30   13   40   Can break stumps with just a few swings.  
  Mountain Axe   50   13   88   Break any stump in 2 hits, apparently the choice axe of Paul Bunyan.  
  Miracle Axe   80   53   192   This axe can shatter a stump in a single hit, as well as many monsters heads.  
  Cheap Hammer   2   13   7   Can break small stones and harden tilled soil. Acquired by helping Melody in Whale Island.  
  Iron Hammer   10   13   16   Can break large stones in a few hits, but still not boulders.  
  Silver Hammer   30   13   36   Can break all types of rock, but it will take 3 hits for the largest ones.  
  Golden Hammer   50   13   80   Can break even the largest rocks with just 2 hits.  
  The Hammer   80   50   176   Turns all stones to dust in a single blow.  
  Cheap Hoe   1   10   7   A basic hoe obtained from Mist. Can till one square at a time.  
  Sturdy Hoe   10   10   16   Can be used to till 3 squares of soil at a time.  
  Seasoned Hoe   28   10   36   Can till a 3x3 section of soil.  
  Shiny Hoe   55   10   80   Able to prepare a 5x5 plot of land in one shot.  
  Blessed Hoe   91   37   176   One special attack can open up an amazing 9x9 plot of land.  
  Cheap Sickle   5   5   8   Can cut one plant at a time. Given to you by Erik after a few days, talk to him often!  
  Iron Sickle   16   5   18   Will cut through a row of 3 plants a time.  
  Quality Sickle   35   5   40   A 3x2 section will be cut with the special ability.  
  Super Sickle   63   5   88   It will cut everything in a 5x5 area. Not very safe so upgrade only when getting Legend Sickle.  
  Legend Sickle   99   44   192   Will cut a 6x6 area of grass or plant with one special swing.  
  Cheap Water Pot   3   5   6   Waters one plant a time. Given to you by Mist at the beginning of the game. 12 uses per fill.  
  Tin Can   13   5   14   Special ability can water 3 squares of land at a time. 15 uses per fill  
  Lion Can   31   5   32   Can water a 3x3 section of land. 18 uses per fill.  
  Rainbow Can   59   5   72   Waters a 5x5 plot with one special use. 21 uses per fill.  
  Joy Can   95   38   160   With the special ability, it can water a 9x9 square in one shot. 24 uses per fill.  



Planting for the Seasons

Each season except Winter has it's own crop types so you need to be careful what you are planting. At the Homestead, the planting cycle changes every season, which has the length of 1 month, but each dungeon also has places where crops can be grown that don't follow the normal seasonal patterns. All crops can be grown all year round on Whale Island, it is always Spring in the Green Ruins, the Lava Ruins make it as hot as summer all year around, and the fall crops love it in the Snow Ruins.

Planting crops in dungeons are the only way to grow some crops as they take over 30 days to mature earlier in the game. If you can get Runey Prosperity in 8 areas, you can grow ANY crop in less than 29 Days!

For the list below, the Harvest Prices, Grow Times and Re-harvest times are the base rates. Harvest Prices and Grow Times may vary depending on Runey Prosperity, using Rune Wonders and/or use of Items on crops.

  Spring Crops  
  Crop Name   Seed Cost   Harvest Price 9x9 Plot   Grow Time   Re-harvest Time  
  Blue Crystal Flower   22,000 G   117,000 G   100 Days   -  
  Cabbage   1,020 G   6,120 G   11 Days   -  
  Cherry Grass Flower   12,000 G   58,500 G   60 Days   -  
  Cucumber   680 G   3,060 G   10 Days   6 Days  
  Emery Flower   26,000 G   172,800 G   120 Days   -  
  Lamp Grass Flower   19,000 G   99,000 G   90 Days   -  
  Moondrop Flower   460 G   1,953 G   4 Days   -  
  Potato   600 G   3,600 G   7 Days   -  
  Strawberry   200 G   900 G   8 Days   2 Days  
  Toy Herb Flower   1,900 G   8,100 G   15 Days   -  
  Turnip   10 G   1,890 G   4 Days   -  
  Summer Crops  
  Crop Name   Seed Cost   Harvest Price 9x9 Plot   Grow Time   Re-harvest Time  
  4 Leaf Clover   12,000 G   58.500 G   60 Days   -  
  Corn   300 G   1,350 G   14 Days   3 Days  
  Fireflower   19,000 G   99,000 G   90 Days   -  
  Green Crystal Flower   22,000 G   117,000 G   100 Days   -  
  Iron Leaf Flower   7000 G   31,500 G   40 Days   -  
  Onion   660 G   4,050 G   8 Days   -  
  Pineapple   800 G   3,600 G   18 Days   7 Days  
  Pink Cat Flower   1,100 G   4,680 G   9 Days   -  
  Pumpkin   1,125 G   6,750 G   12 Days      
  Tomato   420 G   1,890 G   10 Days   4 Days  
  Autumn Crops  
  Crop Name   Seed Cost   Harvest Price 9x9 Plot   Grow Time   Re-harvest Time  
  Autumn Grass*   900 G   58,500 G   60 Days   -  
  Bell Pepper   400 G   1,800 G   9 Days   4 Days  
  Carrot   810 G   4,860 G   9 Days   -  
  Charm Blue Flower   1,500 G   6,390 G   12 Days   -  
  Eggplant   560 G   2,520 G   9 Days   5 Days  
  Noel Grass Flower   7,000 G   31,500 G   40 Days   -  
  Pom-Pom Flower   19,000 G   99,000 G   90 Days   -  
  Red Crystal Flower   22,000 G   117,000 G   100 Days   -  
  Spinach   390 G   2,430 G   5 Days   -  
  Yam   280 G   1,260 G   6 Days   3 Days  
  * Only available for sale after main quest is finished.          


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