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Rune Factory Frontier Runey Guide

Grass Runey










Water Runey


Runeys are everywhere in this game, they are needed to make Rune Wonders, but they are essential in order to grow things in your fields. Candy can show you the population of the Runeys throughout the land. If you let them die off, plants will take longer to grow, or even die. Each area can hold to a maximum of 60 of each type, although keeping them there is impossible as they do eat each other.

Each area also grows a certain type of Runey naturally, thus they will increase at a higher rate in that area. On Candy's map, it will show an Icon of which type or Runey grows easier there. Keep this in mind as you will need areas to farm grass Runeys, which will be explained later. You will also find a machine that also gives you access to the map on the 2nd story of the Clock Tower.


The Food Chain

The Japanese and North American versions work slightly differently, so be sure to follow the correct one below. The first week of each season, one runey of each living type in that area and the food chain rules do not apply. Weather also affects the food chain as Water Runeys will grow more on Rainy and Snowy days.

Japanese Version:

  • Water > Tree
  • Tree > Grass
  • Grass > Stone
  • Stone > Water

North American Version:

  • Water > Rock
  • Rock > Tree
  • Tree > Grass
  • Grass grows depending on Water & Rock amounts


Prosperity and Grass Factories

Using your harvester, which you will get from Candy, you can harvest Runeys from one area and release them into others to increase their population there. Each area will can get to a prosperity rating once an area has at least 45 of each type or Runey. For each area that reaches this level, your fields will grow faster and be worth more when harvested. Once they reach this level, Water, Rock and Tree Runeys will continue to grow, but at the loss of 2 Grass Runeys every day. In order to keep it each area in this zone, you will need to add Grass Runeys to these area frequently.

The best areas to increase Grass Runeys are the South District and the Road to the Beach. In order to grow them, you will need to remove all the Tree Runeys from the area and leave just Water and Rock. Water is essential to Grass growth, Rock will change the amount is grown each day. Keep transferring Water (and Rock if needed) from the Prosperous areas as needed.

You will also grow them automatically at Homestead as your crops mature. Grass Runeys will increase by 1 each time a 3x3 plot is ready to harvest. Also the Food Chain doesn't apply here so it should be the first priority to get this area to Prosperity as quickly as possible. Also note that as the other Runeys increase, more of those types of garbage (branches, rocks, weeds) will appear at your farm on untilled areas.

Tree Runey








Rock Runey



Rune Factory Frontier Rune Wonders
All wonders except Rune Stones take place starting the next day.

If you cannot find Candy, you can also write her a note by the Map Machine in the Clock Tower and she will complete it for you the next day.

Rune Wonder Runes Required Wonder Description
Create Rune Stone 10 of any type of Runey Creates a Rune Stone of the same element of Runeys used.
Bamboo Day 3 Grass, 4 Rock More Bamboo Shoots will grow than normal in all crop areas for 1 day. (Can only be used in Spring)
Fish Day 6 Water Fish bite quicker and are easier to catch for 1 day.
Friendship Day 2 of each type All tamed monsters will have their affection increased.
Fruit Day 6 Tree All Fruit Trees will have bare more fruit than normal.
Grass Day 6 Grass Grass will go faster than normal the next day. If just cut, it will normally be ready to cut again the next day.
Mushroom Day 3 Grass, 4 Rock More Mushrooms will grow than normal in all crop areas for 1 day. (Can only be used in Autumn)
Rainy / Snowy Week 12 Water Likely to rain or snow for the entire week. Increased chances of major storms in Winter or Summer.
Sunny Week 1 Grass, 1 Rock, 1 Tree Very little chance of any precipitation for the next week.



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