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Wizardry 8 is the final installment of the main Wizardry Series by Sir-Tech, initially released in 2001. Other developers later released other unrelated Wizardry games. This game is the conclusion of the Savant Trilogy following the events of Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge and Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant. This finale was released nine years after Wizardry 7's release due to development issues, resulting in a different experience from the previous titles. Gone is the grid-based movement, with free-roaming movement a more tactical combat style.

What can I expect from this Guide?

The guide is currently in development, with the first pages only published in the start of 2024. I expect it to take months (possibly a year depending on life) to complete this guide, so check back often for new additions.

Information for Wizardry 8 has become scattered across the internet or no longer available since the old websites from the early 2000s were closed or shut down. Through much tedious work, I have manually scraped the information from the game and data files to create the most comprehensive guide for the game. While I have decided to share some technical calculations run behind the scenes - since they are much more than simple dice rolls - don't expect me to explain every calculation for each spawn or random occurrence in the game. Some require complex equations that would impress a scientist, and there's no way I'm prepared to try to explain that level of math.

All the interactive maps are freshly drawn in layers to avoid the issues of overlapping levels blocking the areas underneath. Custom filterable markers show the location of items, enemies and more! Unlike our Wizardry 7 maps, each area will be separate, allowing for higher levels of detail. The developers never matched the maps to each other in development, so joining the maps would have left many confusing cuts.

Unlike previous guides, I have decided to throw out many older design choices and start with something new. Expect newly detailed pages with filters to allow custom sorting and viewing of items, equipment and enemies. Sometimes, I will use in-game art in the guide, but I try to make custom drawings and images when time allows.

For news and updates, please see the CrimsonTear homepage.