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Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge is an MS-DOS (PC) game released by Sir-Tech in 1990. Developed by the visionary David W. Bradley, this game marked the start of Wizardry's final trilogy.

While other ports of this game were made, including a Super Nintendo version that was superior in many ways, the PC version is still recommended. Not only are you able to import the save games into the sequel, but it also has many features that get removed from the redevelopments and artistic impressions.

The PC version of Wizardry 6 is not flawless, especially since several bugs weren't removed before the release, but it is still highly enjoyable if you can get past the poor graphics and outdated gameplay.

Unlike the previous entries, the game featured coloured EGA graphics and required the mouse to select several options. While EGA graphics appear awful today, it was impressive back then. With the advancements in graphics since then, many players will have issues navigating the crude three-dimensional dungeons. It may be best to play it in a small window, so the images don't get distorted. Also, don't expect high-definition sound with immersive music to add to the experience.

Unlike many other RPGs, the options you have when creating your party can be overwhelming. You can choose from eleven different races, and fourteen professions or classes. Each of these possess different skills and abilties, and even selecting genders can make a difference in your playthrough. Magic is also complexly divided into six schools, each with their own mana pool, resistances, and effects.

The story revolves around a party that has come upon a castle, which is the rumoured resting place of the Cosmic Forge. According to legend, anyone who writes their request with this unique pen will be granted the destiny the desired. Soon after the Cosmic Forge found its way into the castle, this land changed, and the building was thought to be abandoned. The fate of the King, Queen, and Wizard, who ruled over these lands centuries ago, was never discovered.

Unfortunately, as the party entered the castle, the gate slammed shut behind them, leaving only one option - to explore this forsaken place to find a way to escape, plundering any treasure they find the process.


Why create a guide for a game that is so old? It is simple, this game still deserves the experience and attention.



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