Creating Your Party in Wizardry 7

Importing Your Party from Wizardry 6

It is encouraged you to import a save from Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge for the best experience. You may even have multiple saves to ensure all the starting choices are covered. Unfortunately, it isn't clear from the game how to actually import the save file, although reading the manual helps.

  1. Locate the install folder for Wizardry 6. The SAVEGAME.DBS file will be found in the BANE folder. Steam and GOG both have a quick menu option to locate the game folder.
  2. Rename the file from SAVEGAME.DBS to SAVEGAME.BCF.
  3. Locate the install folder for Wizardry 7. Typcially, it can be found in a folder named DSAVANT. Steam and GOG both have a quick menu option to locate the game folder.
  4. Copy the SAVEGAME.BCF to the Wizardry 7 folder.
  5. Open Wizardry 7 and choose IMPORT (BANE).
  6. Leave the path alone as it recoginizes the current open location as C:\DSAVANT.
    (If somehow running this from DOS, choose your install folder.)
  7. Just press Load to begin the game.

Character Creation


If you decided to create a new character or you never finished Wizardry 6. Once again, I encourage you to import your save from Wizardry 6 as it will give the best experience.

Wizardry 7 has a group of six default characters if you want a baseline experience, but it will be a challenge and doesn't give any of the new races. You will get two fighters, a thief, a priest, a mage and an alchemist. Better than Wizardry6's default characters but not the best option.

Your first choice is to name the character, then choose the character's race. While this does make a little difference, there is nothing preventing any class and race combination.

For more information on what these Stats do, visit our Statistics page for more information.

Wizardry 7 RacesRESISTANCES:(Hover over or press on the races for more information)PERSPDDEXVITPIEINTSTRDESCRIPTION:No Natural Resistances8899889HumanHumans are the race to which allothers in Wizardry are compared.Perfectly balanced in its statistics,having no particular stengths andno decided weakness, the humanserves as a stable and dependablecreature regardless of the professiona Human character eventually enters.HumanMagic-realm Spells137109678HobbitA sleek and tiny race, the Hobbitis a dexterous and busy type ablefingers) into and out of the tightestsituations. The Hobbit is also knownas a charming conversationalistand for its amazing friendlinessand hospitality. They frequently usetheir silver tongues and quick fingersto help themselves to goods and info.HobbitCan Dodge Missiles and Spells10121077107FelpurrLike their distant relative, the cat,they are fast, smart and personable.They walk on their hind feet and arebeautiful creatures with a full maneof air covering their bodies. Felpurrsare also intelligent and dexterous.They rely on their sleek body stylingand speed more than strength andcan move with unmatched grace.FelpurrHypnosis and Sleep Spells899710107ElfElves are smallish creatures, withpointed ears and a broad smile.They excel at intellectual pursuits,loving not only what they learn butthey study that comes with it as well.Armed with smarts, Elves makeexcellent magic users. They are alsonimble creatures, moving their smallbodies with ease and speed.ElfMagic spells12141066115FaerieThe tiniest and most agile race.Faeries are delicate and beautifulbeings. Their small size and speedgive them a naturally low armourclass. They are also smart andfriendly creatures. They are not much of a fighter but can makeexcellent magic users or thieves.FaerieCold1088101268RawulfRawulfs are devoted and heartycreatures. Descending from a raceof intelligent, bipedal canines, theyshare their ancestors' caring nature,speed, strength and dexterity. TheRawulf's desire to learn, coupled withhigh piety, also help it to becomean excellent Priest. RawulfPoison resistance, magic spell protection116101210611DwarfComing from a long line of forestand cave-dwelling folk, Dwarvesalso have a taste for any adventure.They are small beings, but displaya remarkable amount of strength.Their hearty stance and high vitalitymake them a natural for combat-related professions. Also piouscreatures make great Priests.DwarfMental spells and Acid3108145512LizardmanThe Lizardman is a serpentine-type creature whose origins aresomewhat uncertain. Althoughit is human-like in its ability to talkand walk upright, it is not intelligentor personable. Its strengths lie in itsnatural ability to fight and win.Strong, fast, and hearty with a mindthat only thinks of killing.LizardmanMagic and cold9771061010MookVery magical in nature, the Mook'sexact origins are entirely unknown.Mooks are extremely intelligentand strong creatures, and havea personality sure to charm thelikes of most they encounter. MookMagic Spells6681013710GnomeIn the underground caves, onemight just find whole groups ofGnomes in the their natural habitat.Typically keeping to themselves.Gnomes are sturdy, strong, and agilecreatures; their small stance caneasily fool opponents in combat.They are extremely pious who zestfor learning are unequalled.GnomeAcid and Mental spells6810126710DraconA mixture of blood between humansdragons created this wonderousrace with incredibly unique abilities.While remaining private, they oftenventure out and accompany groupswhen it feels like. It is strong, dexterous and hearty, and can makea great Ranger, Thief or Fighter. Theycan also breath acid to attack others.Dracon

Once you select your race, the next step is to choose your gender. Sorry, only a choice of male or female is available. Males will start with the base levels, and Females will have -2 to STR and +1 to PER and KARMA.

At this point, a hidden dice will roll and provide bonus points to put into your stats. Getting too few bonus points will limit which professions are available. If you don't get enough points to choose your preferred role, select any option, quickly complete it and cancel the creation to start again. You may need several attempts before you can successfully create your character.

Wizardry 7 ProfessionsBASIC EQUIPMENT:PERSPDDEXVITPIEINTSTRSKILLSAcademia:Weaponry:Physical:------12FighterLong Sword, Leather Cuirass, Fur Leggings,Sandals, Buckler ShieldWand & Dagger, Sword, Axe, Shield,Mace & Flail, Pole & Staff, Throw, Sling, BowScout, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, MappingFighter-----12-MageStaff, Robes (U), Robes (L), Sandals,1 Magic Missile ScrollWand & Dagger, Pole & Staff, ThrowSling, BowScout, Oratory, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, Thaumaturgy, MappingMage8---12--PriestQuarterstaff, Robes (U), Robes (L), Sandals,3 Lt. Heal PotionsMace & Flail, Pole & Staff, Sling, ShieldScout, Oratory, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, Theology,Mapping, DiplomacyPriest-812----ThiefCutlass, Cloth Shirt, Cloth Pants, Buskins,6 Bite DaggersWand & Dagger, Sword, Axe, Mace & Flail,Pole & Staff, Throw, Sling, Bow, ShieldScout, Oratory, Legerdemain, Skulduggery,Ninjutsu, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, MappingThief8810118810RangerShort Bow, 100 Willow Arrows, Suede Doublet,Suede Pants, BuskinsWand & Dagger, Sword, Axe, Mace & Flail,Pole & Staff, Throw, Sling, Bow, ShieldScout, Swimming, ClimbingLegerdemain, Skulduggery, NinjutsuArtifacts, Mythology, Alchemy, Scribe,MappingRanger--13--13-AlchemistStaff, Robes (U), Robes (L), Sandals,1 Cherry Bomb potionWand & Dagger, Mace & Flail,Pole & Staff, ThrowScout, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, Alchemy,MappingAlchemist12812--10-BardSling, Bullet Stone (25), Cloth Shirt, Cloth Pants, Poet’s LuteWand & Dagger, Sword, Axe, Mace & Flail, Pole & Staff, Throw, Sling, Bows, ShieldScout, Music, Oratory, Legerdemain,Skulduggery, Ninjutsu, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe,Thaumaturgy, MappingBard10--14-1410Psionic Dagger, Robes (U), Robes (L), Sandals, Shadow CloakWand & Dagger, Mace & Flail,Pole & Staff, Throw, SlingScout, Oratory, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, TheosophyMappingPsionic811101111-10Valkyrie (Female Only)Spear, Fur Halter, Chamois Skirt, Sandals,Leather HelmWand & Dagger, Sword, Axe, Mace & Flail,Pole & Staff, Throw, Sling, Bow, ShieldScout, Oratory, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, Theology,MappingValkyrie-8--1515-BishopQuarterstaff, Robes (U), Robes (L), Sandals,MitreMace & Flail, Pole & Staff, Sling, Shield Scout, Oratory, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, Theology,Thaumaturgy, Mapping, DiplomacyBishop14991212912LordBroadsword, Quilt Tunic, Quilt Leggings, Buskins,Steel HelmWand & Dagger, Sword, Axe, Mace & Flail,Pole & Staff, Throw, Sling, Bow, ShieldScout, Oratory, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, Theology,Mapping, DiplomacyLord814129-1112SamuraiKatana, Wakazashi, Robes (U), Robes (L), SandalsWand & Dagger, Sword, Axe, Mace & Flail,Pole & Staff, Throw, Sling, Bow, ShieldScout, Oratory, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, Thaumaturgy, Kirijutsu, MappingSamurai81310-13813MonkBo, 15 Shurikens, Robes (U), Robes (L), SandalsWand & Dagger, Mace & Flail, Pole & Staff,Throw, Sling, Bow, Hands & FeetScout, Oratory, Ninjutsu, Swimming,ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, Theosophy,KirijutsuMonk-121212101012Ninja15 Shurikens, Ninja Cowl, Ninja Garb (U),Ninja Garb (L), Tabi BootsWand & Dagger, Sword, Axe, Mace & Flail,Pole & Staff, Throw, Sling, Bow, Shield, Hands & FeetScout, Legerdemain, Skulduggery,Ninjutsu, Swimming, ClimbingArtifacts, Mythology, Scribe, Alchemy, Kirijutsu, MappingNinja

Next, you choose your portrait. It doesn't matter which race you selected earlier; you can choose any face you want. If you want your male Dragon to look like a female fairy, choose away! Depending on how many bonus points you rolled, you can now distribute the remaining leftovers throughout your stats.

Is your character a magic-user? If yes, now you choose your starting spells. You can only choose a few spells to start, so check all the spell types to learn the ones that will help you the most at the start of the game. You will learn more as the game progresses.

You can't add points into Karma as those get randomly provided after you finish creating the character, which is often the pain point of many players. Karma doesn't do much in battle, but it will affect how NPCs like you. If they are low Karma characters, they will be friendlier to low karma characters. High karma NPCs will also prefer high karma players, so having a mix in your party can be helpful.

Only once you go through all those choices can you choose if you want to save or discard the character. If your happy with your choice, save the character. You'll need to repeat the process until you have created all the characters in your party.

Building your party

To assemble your party, choose Add Character from the menu screen, select which character you want to have, and press OK. As you add characters, the order you add each party member will place them in the party from top to bottom. This order represents the front and back of your party, so add your stronger characters first, then magic or ranged characters last. The first 3 members are the front row, and the last 3 are the back row. I noticed that position 2 also gets hit more than the others, so that position is best for your party' tank.

Once you added your party, press OK to return to the menu. Options to review party members or dismiss them will now be available. You can take from one to six members. Choose Start New Game to begin with your selected party.

Depending whether you are importing or starting new will change your starting location. The walkthrough will give you all the different starting areas and where to go from there.

Best Party

There is no right or wrong party in Wizardry 7; although a party of all fighters is a poor choice but can work if played right. If you want a unique challenge, try completing it with only a Faerie Ninja (not six, just a party of one) to explore Guardia. A party with the best chances of success takes careful planning and repetitive creation. I can't provide all the best party options, but here are a few of my favourites.

My Favourite Party:

I think a party consisting of three hybrid-fighters (Lord, Valkyrie, Samurai, Monk, Ranger or Ninja), a bard, a priest and a mage has the best chance for survival. Other spellcasters, like Psionics and Alchemists, are helpful but not versatile enough to be used alone. The group below is usually the one I take across the trilogy:

Dracon Valkyrie
Dwarf Monk
Felpurr Ninja
Elf Bard
Rawulf Priest
Faerie Mage

It isn't impossible to start with this party, but it will take several attempts to create it. Thankfully, the Dracon and Dwarf can start as Fighters, with the Felpurr as a Thief and the Elf as a ranger until they can change classes. You can replace the Priest and mage with a Bishop once they are more experienced, but prepare to grind a bit once you change.

If I want to hit things:

Dracon Lord
Lizardman Samurai
Faerie Ninja
Gnome Monk
Mook Monk
Rawulf Ranger

This party is for those who don't like spending a lot of time learning magic. You will have a handful of spells at your disposal, but those will usually be for healing and boosting your party's attack and defence.

If I want a party of gods:

2 Bishops
2 Mages
2 Psionics

The race doesn't matter, but I make them all Faeries since they have a higher evasion. This party is fragile initially, but nothing can stand against them in the end. If getting 2 Bishops is hard to create, start with Priests and change classes when you can.

If I strive for the easiest end game:

6 Fairie Ninjas.

It is challenging to start with this party, but around mid-way through the game, this party becomes unstoppable. The Ninja class is probably the most overpowered, but creating one requires very high stats, so most will give up. It will also take several levels for them to be amazing, so expect to grind out fights at the beginning.

All that said, the best party is one that has experienced it all! Take your time, try all the different classes and change your professions frequently, so everyone knows a bit of everything. It is the only way to create a fully prepared party for the dangers of Guardia.