Monsters and Enemies in Wizardry 7

The enemies and monsters you encounter in Wizardry 7 are challenging. Knowing each enemy's strengths and weaknesses is essential for surviving Guardia in your chase after the Astral Dominae.

These statistics are for Normal difficulty, and the other difficulty settings will alter the HP of enemies, the number of opponents you will encounter in a group, and their resistances. The Easy difficulty will spawn one less enemy per group, with a minimum of one. The Expert difficulty will cause one extra enemy to spawn, which even duplicates bosses.


Level: 4

Ra-Sep-Re-Tep's tomb is just West of New City. When defeated, he will reform himself to appear in the Chamber of Gorrors.


Night Rook (100%)

HP: 36 - 40

Stamina: 99 - 180

Experience: 1835

Quantity: 1

Strength: 9

Intelligence: 8

Dexterity: 9

Speed: 9

Initiative: 13

Type: Undead (M)




Flee Chance: 0%

Evasion AC: +9

Head +8 (15%)
Body +8 (40%)
Hands +8 (10%)
Legs +8 (30%)
Feet +8 (5%)

Attack per Round: 1

Swings per Attack: 1

Spells: (60%)
Chilling Touch (30%)
Make Wounds (25%)
Sleep (20%)
Slow (10%)
Terror (10%)
Weaken (5%)

Special Attack:

Attack 1:
Short Range
4 - 6 Damage
Paralyze (50%)

Attacks Enemy's:
Head: 25%
Body: 45%
Hands: 10%
Legs: 20%
Feet: 0%

Resistances :

Acid: 15%
Air: 120%
Cold: 75%
Death: 50%
Fire: 35%
Hypnosis: 120%
Lifeforce: 20%
Light: 50%
Magic: 10%
Missiles: 10%
Paralysis: 20%
Poison: 120%
Psionic: 120%
Special: 0%

Battle Spoils:


* Order of attack calculations are frequency of Spells first, Special Attack frequency second, then Normal Attacks. If Spells are 50%, it has a 50% chance to cast a spell during each turn. If Special Attack is also 50%, it only has a 50% chance if spells are not cast. Other attacks have an equal opportunity once Spells and Special Attacks chances get calculated.

Normal Enemies:

Alliphoot Bambiphoot Bantari Battle Droid Bear Weevil Bitterbug Black Dragon Bloodwyrm Boar Weevil Boring Beetle Boulder Giant Cachre Sludge Carnosaurus Cave Slime Cave Thraxe Conquilado Crawling Waste Crust Thraxe Dandiphoot Dane Apostle Dane Canon Dane Disciple Dane Initiate Dane Priest Demented Munk Demon O'Ye Deep Dinkle Wisp Dk. Forest Munk DragonLizard Dragon Pup Dragon Rook Dragonessa Dragorra Dream Weaver Earth Golem Emerald Dragon Faerie Witch Fantasmagora Fetid Corpse Fiero Fire Crow Flower O'Ye Sea Forest Giant Frost Giant Frothing Munk Fungus Ooze Gaseous Slime Gelimaga Ghost Glow Moth Glow Mothra Godzylli Godzylli (Summon) Gorn Ashigaru Gorn Lancer Gorn Leader Gorn Lord Gorn Ranger Gorn Samurai Gorn Shaman Gorn Spearman Gumbiphoot Halloweech Helazoid Ace High Father Hog Beetle I.U.F. Grenadier Iguanadon Jelly Stinger Kolidra Komodo Dragon Lime Dragon Luna Mothra Mad Warder Mad Warder (v2) Man O' Grove Mantraphoot Mega-Bot Minoskell Mottle Crud Mtn. Thraxe Munk Ninja Myxlmynx Myxlmynx (Summon) Necromanis Night Rook Nightmare PSIMunk Pirannha Shark Poison Dragon Puxic Ooze Q'ua-Tari Rattkin Bandit Rattkin Hunter Rattkin Leader Rattkin Razuka Rattkin Rogue Rattkin Ronin Rattkin Thief Raven Red Pirannha Rexx Rock Lizard Savant Guard Savant Trooper Shadow Crust Skeleton Skeleton Lord Skeleton Lord (v2) Spectral Moth Spectral Raven Spirit Stag Weevil Sv. Controller Sv. Kui'Sa-Ka T'Rang Assassin T'Rang C'Tlu T'Rang Elder T'Rang Guarder T'Rang Keeper T'Rang Tecnik T'Rang Tecnik (Mystery Ray) T'Rang Watcher T'Rang Wilder T'Rang Wiser T'Rang Younger Tobagan Trickertree Umpani Armsman Umpani Commando Umpani Renegade Umpani Ruffian Umpani S.S.U.F. Umpani Scout Umpani Tracker Umpani Trooper Vampire Rook Vampire Vulture Venom Weevil Vulture Water Nymph Witch's Lights Wood Dryad Wraith Xeno Rocketeer Xenozoid Flyer Xenozoid Runner Yreguoth Zombie Skell

Unique Enemies:

?Aletheides? Almagorte * B E L A * Barlone Beast of 1000Eye Belcanzor Bertie Blienmeis Bonehead * Brombadeg * Brother Moser Brother Tshober Brunatz Capt. Boerigard Cosmo-Bot D'Arboleth Dark Savant * D O O M * D'Rang T'Rang Dame Ke-Li ?Dark Savant? Dungore Father Rulae Fiend of 9 Worlds Frothing Munk Fury General Yamo Ghost of Gorn Grimal Gruengard H'Jenn-Ra Horragoth Jan-Ette K'Borra T'Rang King Ulgar Kymas Turan Leper Giant L'il Ogo Lord Galiere Lord of Dk. Forest Lt. Gromo Lt. Gruntwrapper Magna Dane Meta-Droid Mick the Pick Munstachio PSI-Beast Paluke Prof. Wunderland Ra-Sep-Re-Tep Ratsputin Rodan Lewarx Rossarian * S P A W N * * S P O T * Sgt. Balrak Shadow Guardian Shritis T'Rang Sogheim Spirit of Dane ?Statue? Sv. Berserker Sv. Controller (Terminal) Sv. Controller (Book of Fables) TShober's Ghost Thing from Hell Trk. Rhallick Ungorn Daimyo ?Vi Domina? Vilet Kanebe Xen Xheng Ymmu