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The Bestiary

Here you will find the in-depth details of each enemy and boss in Trails in the Sky.

Rolent Area

The Rolent Province of Liberl contains the weakest enemies in Trails in the Sky, but that doesn't mean that these enemies are pushovers when you first encounter them. Some are still nasty in small groups, even massive groups of the weakest enemies can be a daunting task. Here you will find information on each of the enemies and bosses in the Rolent area, including tips on how to best dispatch these fiends.


Bose Area

Travelers from the Rolent area to the Bose area will find a sudden increase in difficulty due to the much more powerful monsters in this area. This is especially true when it comes to the Ice monsters of the Nebel Valley and the Boiled Eggers found in the southern and western areas.


Ruan Area

Explorers for the Ruan area will find many dangerous creatures roaming near the water and nearby forests. All should be cautious and avoid travelling off the road, especially in the dark woods.


Zeiss Area

Creatures are plentiful anywhere outside the settlements. Expect plenty of battles with new fierce creatures everywhere you look.

Grancel Area

The capital area is well patrolled, but the creatures that survive are fierce. In unpatrolled areas, these creatures multiply quickly leaving some areas crawling with deadly beings.

Sealed Area

Hidden deep in the ancient chambers hold robotic guardians that will seek and destroy and who enter.

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