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Product Testing

Product Testing is a simple quest available throughout most of the Zeiss chapter, starting mid-way through the Black Orbment Moans. This mission ends once you leave to Grancel.

Ever wanted to test out an early version of a pair of sneakers? If so, this quest is just for you.

Client: Terry
Pay: 2000 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: 2 BP
Difficulty: Low
Prerequisite Quest: None

Elmo Village
Leiston Fortress
Sanktheim Gate
Wolf Fort


Tester for new sneaker model wanted. Any bracers involved in a wide range of activities are welcome.

If you think your legs are up to the task, come see me in the laboratory on the 4th floor of the central facotry. All testers get a free pair of shoes, so act now!

Notebook Entries

  1. Received test sneakers. They're (Alpha) Stregas -- the newest (and best?) model from Strega Corp.
  2. Let's put these babies on, and see how they feel in action!
  3. Once I've worn these sneakers down, I'll have to report back.
  4. Looks like I haven't quite abused these sneakers enough yet. I'll have to trek on a bit more!
  5. The test was a rousing success! We really worked those shoes!



Head up to the lab on the fourth floor of the factory and speak with Terry. He will ask you for the comfortable quest of walking in a new pair of shoes. This mission ends once you leave to Grancel, so you have a lot of time before you need to report back.

Just equip the new (Alpha) Strega on Estelle and explore. You need to visit at least three of the following five areas:

Air-Letten (Gate to Ruan)
Elmo Village (South of Zeiss)
Leiston Fortress (North East of Zeiss)
Sanktheim Gate (East of Zeiss)
Wolf Fort (South East of Zeiss)

Just entering the area is enough to trigger the visited flag. If you tour four or more of these places, you will get bonus points and a (Beta) Strega.

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