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Wolf Fort

Wolf Fort

Wolf Fort is the gate to the Republic of Calvard on the Liberl side of the border.

Most of the traffic that passes through these gates are merchants trading between the two counties, but a few civilians also make the journey on foot. It exits to the Tratt Plains Road on its way to the City of Zeiss.

The border has been so quiet that the Chief Warrant Officer Pace has adapted a laid-back approach to controlling his few soldiers. Many believe this is a mistake that will have consequences in the future.

A small pub is just outside the fort named Jack & Squat's Pub. Don't expect much.


Map of Wolf Fort:

Wolf Fort Map Tratt Plains Road


Jacks & Squat's Pub

  Item Price (Mira)
To Go Meal Rotini Pasta 350
To Go Meal Vegetable Sandwich 150


Inhabitants of Wolf Fort:

Trails in the Sky: CWO PaceChief Warrant Officer Pace

CWO Pace is in charge of the garrison at Sanktheim Gate. He doesn't care to reprimand his troops, even though many need it.

Trails in the Sky: Private BrahmPrivate Brahm

Private Brahm "guards" over the front gate at Wolf Fort. He doesn't take his duties seriously, and he doses off frequently.

Trails in the Sky: Private HenningPrivate Henning

Private Henning is a lazy soldier who doesn't seem to be assigned to any specific task at Wolf Fort.

Trails in the Sky: RufusRufus

Rufus runs the rest stop at Wolf Fort. He originally lived in the Republic and dreamed of being a successful trader but instead found himself running a small bar and Inn at the border.

Trails in the Sky: WO GerwinWarrant Officer Gerwin

Warrant Officer Gerwin works at the main administrator desk at Wolf Fort. He doesn't care for how his CWO runs the place, but he doesn't believe he would listen to any of his concerns.

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