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Messenger of Love

Messenger of Love is a secret side quest triggered by talking to Private Brahm at Wolf Fort during Elmo Pump Repair.

Client: Private Brahm
Pay: 2000 Mira, 2 BP
Bonus: 4 BP
Difficulty: Easy
Prerequisite Quest: Black Orbment Moans

Wolf Fort
City of Zeiss


A soldier at Wolf Fort has asked that a letter be delivered in his stead.

It appears to be a simple enough job, but could the consequences be heavier than the letter itself...?

Notebook Entries

  1. Looks like we need to deliver a letter to Faye, in the basement of the central factory.
  2. The letter needs to be accompanied by a present, though, too.
  3. Our job includes the procurement of some manner of gift in Zeiss.
  4. Faye is a workaholic, but she actually has a weakness of all things cute and filly.
  5. Delivered Letter to Faye!
  6. Gave Wolly Knit-Hat to Faye as a present!



This easy-to-missed quest starts with a random conversation with Private Brahm at Wolf Fort. The Private's dreams of Faye have made him realized how he feels about her, but he can't leave his post to tell her. Instead, he gives you a letter to give her, and Estelle gets the idea that a gift is also needed.

With the letter in hand, return to the City of Zeiss. If you want bonus bracer points, you need to get her a gift. You can buy her a Fruity Milk, Seasonal Tart, Woolly Knit-Hat or a Work Gloves.

Once you give her the letter and the gift, the Wooly Knit-Hat gives the best bonus, go to the Bracer Guild for your reward.



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