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Elmo Pump Repair

Elmo Pump Repair takes you to the tiny Village of Elmo to help repair the pumps that feed the hot spring water throughout the town.

Client: Zeiss Central Factory
Pay: 3000 Mira, 5 BP
Difficulty: Medium
Prerequisite Quest: Black Orbment Moan

Elmo Village
Tratt Plains Rd


The pump that pipes the hot spring water to the inn in Elmo has broken down. Titia will be making repairs in Prof. Russell's stead, as he's busy with numerous other tasks.

As such, our next job will be to provide Tita with an escort on her way to Elmo Village.

Notebook Entries

  1. Exit south and continue straight along the Tratt Plains Road.
  2. First we have to borrow the Pump Shed Key from the inn owner.
  3. Borrowed the key from Mrs. Mao. The pump shed is just up the slope to the north of the square.
  4. Unlocked the pump shed door.
  5. The repairs may take a while, so let's wait at the inn...
  6. Or let's not! Seems someone headed out onto the plains alone.
  7. She only just left, so we should be able to catch her in time...
  8. There's a high possibility she's strayed from the road...
  9. Rescued Dorothy from the plains!
  10. Escorted Dorothy back to Elmo. And hey, the pump's repaired now!
  11. Met with Tita and the pump shed. Let's report back to Mrs. Mao.
  12. We were invited to stay the night at the inn. Yaaay!



After the events of cutting into the Black Orbment, it's time to take Tita to Elmo Village to help with the pump while the professor continues his research. Before you leave, be sure to grab the new optional quests.

New Optional Quests: Haulage Vehicle Search, Potent Ingredient, Smoker's Revolt, Ritter Road Monster

New Secret Quest: Messenger of Love

The areas ahead can be quite strong, so you prepare your arts of the fights ahead!


Venture south of the City to the Tratt Plains Rd. It is a large multi-section area that is full of various enemies. If you follow the path south, you will find Elmo Village.

You may want to explore areas such as Carnelia Tower and the rest of Tratt Plains Rd to upgrade your orbments and equipment before continuing.

Once you enter Elmo, you will find the pumping system is not working. The pumping house is at the northeast exit, but the Inn owner has the key. Visit the Maple Leaf Inn to get the Pump Shed Key, then enter the pump shed. Tita will remain behind leaving, you some time to explore the town.

Return to the Inn to find out a visitor has left the village to explore. You will find the helpless photographer at the western point of the area directly outside of Elmo. This battle can be frustrating as the Attack Dobermans can defeat the NPC in two hits. Use attacks that hit all enemies and S-Crafts if needed to protect her.

Once she is saved, return to Elmo. It will be evening when you get back, and the hot water is flowing again. Drop off your guest and return to the pump shed. Once you pick up your youngest teammate, return to the Inn for a very long series of cutscenes.

After the next day begins, head out of town with an unexpected follower, and return to Zeiss. You will bump into a new important character on the way, but ignore that and enter the city.

The next main quest, Factory Incident, will continue the story.

Now that you have access to the spa, you can use it to refill your CP, which can help power-level with the Shining Poms (if you wish).


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