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Prof.'s Whereabouts

Prof.'s Whereabouts is the final main quest of the Zeiss chapter. With your allies healed, it's time to rescue one of the nation's best minds.

Client: Bracer Guild
Pay: 15000 Mira, 10 BP
Bonus: 6 BP
Prerequisite Quest: Factory Incident

City of Zeiss
Leison Fortress


A photograph of the Leiston Fortress taken by Dorothy reveals the ship that took Professor Russell from the Carnelia Tower.

It's too soon to form any viable conclusions from this, but visiting the Leiston Fortress does seem the best option right now.

Notebook Entries

  1. The Leiston Fortress can be found northeast from here.
  2. We met with Major Cid, but he wasn't a whole lot of help...
  3. As we were about to leave, the fortress gate suddenly went dead. Is this an orbal blackout?
  4. Seems like the Black Orbment is hidden within the fortress walls.
  5. As per Dorothy's photograph, the professor must also be here.
  6. We can't even stow away on a ship, due to the biosensors.
  7. Luckily, it seems the professor invented a jamming device. Let's go get it from his place!
  8. The device is in his study on 2F.
  9. Got the Detector Jammer! Let's hurry back to the guild!
  10. Received Leiston Fortress Map. Let's head to the landing port!
  11. Off to Leiston Fortress, then!
  12. We'll be arriving shortly. Let's stow ourselves in the cargo hold!
  13. We're in! Let's check out the northwest research wing first.
  14. Some soldiers are standing guard. We'll need to sneak by...
  15. We saw Professor Russell through a window at the research wing!
  16. Let's take out the guards at the door and rescue the professor!
  17. We took care of the guards!
  18. We were reunited with Professor Russell and reclaimed the Capel!
  19. We've been discovered?! Crap! Let's hurry to the landing port!
  20. The landing port's been sealed! We'll need to find another way!
  21. Had a run-in with the sky bandits in the command center basement.
  22. Someone's calling out to us. Let's see who it is!
  23. It was... Major Cid?! He showed us a secret passage. We escaped!



Once you are report everything to the guild your next destination is Leiston Fortress, which is north of the Ritter Roadway via Soldat Army Road.

New Manditory Quest: Ritter Road Monster 2

You don't have a choice, you need to go to the fortress at this time, but you will need to defeat a new group of enemies on the Ritter Roadway first. It isn't an easy fight, and maxing your CP before the fight is strongly recommended.

Once you do reach Leiston Fortress, head to the gate to provide any reason why you are there to meet Major Cid. After the conversation head away to be automatically find your way to the Zeiss Bracer Guild.

When there, your choises can provide extra bracer points. Telling them they were being set up gives the best reward.

Your party will grow to four once again, and you will be able to travel anywhere again if you need to finish of any side-quests. Once done, go to the professors home.

Upon reaching the professor's home, you need to find the Detection Jammer located upstairs of the workshop. Look for it near the door in the corner. Return to the guild to learn your ride is ready. DO NOT proceed to the airport area unless you've completed any side quests that you want to finish. This is a point of no return for this chapter. Filling your CP is also a wise idea.

The airship, Leibnitz, takes flight, but you aren't transported to the fortress immediately. Talk to everyone aboard, then exit to the main deck of the vessel. Once everyone is back together, return to the crate to arrive at the fortress.

At the fortress, head with the Research Wing. You can heal before you leave the Landing Port. If you want to fight more beasties, the courtyard is safe to do so, for now. Once you get to the research area, keep near the crates and find the window. After a short cutscene, defeat the guards at the door and grab the professor.

Your way out is much more complicated. If you encounter any guards, you will lose BP (to a max of 3 after 3 encounters). It is best to avoid everything. Unfortunately, they wander around, so you may want to save and take your time when exploring.

Avoid the landing port, or they will discover you. When leaving the research wing, keep to the left, sneak around the corner and enter the door to the Command Center. Take the west wing first to discover the dungeon, then try to leave the Command Center. Guards are coming, so you have no choice but to try the east wing. You can enter the room at the end of the hallway now. This will end the mission and the chapter.

The adventure continues in the Final Chapter, and the quest "To Queen Alicia".

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