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Ritter Road Monster

Ritter Road Monster is a quick boss monster fight available during chapter 3. This expires after Agate gets the Serum in Factory Incident.

Client: Bracer Guild
Pay: 2000 Mira, 5 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Prerequisite Quest: Black Orbment Moans

Ritter Roadway


A ferocious monster known as a Mercury Viper has been spotted roving the Ritter Roadway.

Bracers from this branch are requested to deal with this threat immediately.

Notebook Entries

  1. Exterminated monster!



The monster is sitting in the open on Ritter Road, just south of the Soldat Army Road.

The big boss of this fight is the Mercury Viper, with a large entourage of Bane Cobras.

Use Arts like Spiral Flare, White Gehenna and Aero Storm to defeat them as quickly as you can. Don't worry about the poison, but be sure to heal if needed. This fight isn't challenging unless you aren't prepared. S-Crafts may be needed on Nightmare.

Return to the guild to claim your reward.

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