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Haulage Vehicle Repair

Haulage Vehicle Repair is the second of a two-part side-mission available for a short time while you are en-route to Elmo during Elmo Pump Repair. The broken-down haulage vehicle found in Haulage Vehicle Search needs a replacement engine. Seek it out in the City of Zeiss.

Client: Bruno
Pay: 1500 Mira, 5 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Easy
Prerequisite Quest: Haulage Vehicle Search

Tratt Plains Rd
City of Zeiss
Kaldia Tunnel


We found a stalled haulage vehicle along the Tratt Plains Road. It seems to have broken down.

Bruno says we'll need a spare part to repair it. We should speak with Prometheus at the central factory about that...

Notebook Entries

  1. Prometheus doesn't seem to know what spare parts we'd need.
  2. We'll have to find another way to resolve our vehicle troubles.
  3. Hey, wasn't there some good info on haulage vehicles in the Capel? Let's go to the Operations room!
  4. We checked the Capel. Seems there are spare parts stored by the central factory basement, in the Kaldia Tunnel.
  5. We received a Drive Orbment from Rudi.
  6. Now, back to Tratt Plains Road!
  7. Repaired the haulage vehicle!



After you "complete" the Haulage Vehicle Search, they ask you to visit Prometheus in the west wing of 3F in the factory.

Head back to Zeiss and speak to him first. He claims he knows nothing on the subject, which we all doubt, so head up to Capel, the computer that helped earlier, to find out about Haulage Vehicles. Revisit the central area of 5F and use it again.

It states there is no Owner, but it mentions the Underground Factory Entrance. It's time to head back to B1 and enter the Kaldia Tunnel. Rudi will be working on one just outside the factory. He will give you the Drive Orbment.

Go back to the broken vehicle on Tratt Plains Rd and speak to either of them to complete the repairs.




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