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The City of Zeiss

The City of Zeiss

The City of Zeiss is the main settlement of the province of Zeiss in “Trails in the Sky” and is the central hub for chapter 3 in the game.

Located in the southern area of Liberl, Zeiss is the core of Liberl's orbment industry. Almost all citizens of this city are part of the Central Factory, where they make everything from airships to lighting.

The city's mayor is also the head of the Central Factory, Murdock. The exit via the Central Factory heads west to Ruan, the southern exit leads to the Tratt Plains Road, and the east exit continues to the Ritter Roadway.


Map of the City of Zeiss:

The City of Zeiss Map Central Factory Zeiss Chapel Ritter Roadway Tratt Plains Road Zahnrad Hotel Bell Station General Goods Zeiss Bracer Guild North-East Zeiss Residence North-West Zeiss Residence Stain Arms & Guards Forgel Bar South Zeiss Residence Russell Home & Factory Priam's Drink Stand Irene's Flower Stand

Supporting Characters within the City of Zeiss:

Priam's Drink Stand Inventory

  Item Price (Mira)
To Go Meal Apple Ice Cream 450
To Go Meal Flowery Soda 100
To Go Meal Fresh Juice 250
To Go Meal Plucked Herb Tea 150
To Go Meal Carmine Eye 250


Irene's Flower Stand Inventory

  Item Price (Mira)
Ingredient Bear Claw 10
Ingredient Azelia Fruit 20
Ingredient Fresh Herb 10


Inhabitants of The City of Zeiss:

Ada Ben Bartholomew Bruno Constance Cosimo Didi Dr. Miriam Elise Elkan Elwyn Emma Erick Father Vixen Faye Garald Gary Gundolf Hazel Hugo Igor Irene Karl Knowles Lane Louise Monika Muriel Priam Prometheus Randall Ray Rudi Rutherford Sister Kiera Sotiria Stain Supervisor Travis Terry Wilmont Wong Ursus Vince Yuriel

Ada is the wife of Elwyn, the owner of Bell Station General Goods. The struggling finances of the store are giving her even more stress than just raising two children.


Ben runs the counter at the Forgel Bar in Zeiss.


Bartholomew works at the Zeiss Landing Port as a mechanic.


Bruno hawls goods to the Republic via the Wolf Fort.


Constance takes care of the archives on the 2nd floor of the Central Factory.


Cosimo helped Professor Russell build the Orbal Clock that rests just outside the Ritter Roadway.


Didi is one of the two sons of Ada and Elwyn. He thinks everyone is either Pirates or Ninjas.

Dr. Miriam

Doctor Miriam runs the Factory clinic on the 4th floor of the Central Factory.


Elise loves flowers and forces her son, Vince, with her to constantly buy more.


Elkan runs the front counter of Stain Arms and Guards, under the ownership of Stain.


Elwyn is the owner of Bell Station General Goods. While he carries things unavailable from other stores, he still struggles to keep it financially afloat.


Emma is the maid that keeps the Zahnrad Hotel clean and ready for visitors.


Erick runs the service maintenance shop on the main floor of the Central Factory.

Father Vixen

Father Vixen is in charge of the Zeiss Chapel along with Sister Kiera. He believes the church must expand its purpose in the community to medicine, personal guidance, and domestic advice.


Faye is an employee of the Central Factory at the Basement Orbment Workshop.


Garald runs the reception desk at the Zeiss Landing Port.


Gary lives in Zeiss, and loves watching the escalator move people up and down from the factory.


Gundolf is a bracer who operates out of the City of Zeiss. He will often be found throughout the province, following up on quests of his own.


Hazel works at the reception desk at the Central Factory.


Hugo works on the engine design of the Arseille from the 3rd floor of the Central Factory.


Igor works on the design of the Arseille from the 3rd floor of the Central Factory.


Irene runs her flower stand near the Central Factory and the Landing Port.


Karl is a senior orbal engineer at Zeiss Central Factory, typically found on the 3rd floor. He also spends time at Aqua Rossa Bar and Joan Arms & Guards in Ruan.


Knowles helps out balancing the can display outside the Bell Station General Goods.


Lane works at cleaning up the broken quartz and other messes around Zeiss.


Louise is the older sister to Yuriel, her brother is Ursus. She wishes her sister was more inclined to read and learn.


Martina is the receptionist at the Zahnrad Hotel.


Monika is to get bread for her family, but he is still unaware of the differences.


Muriel is the daughter of Rutherford and Sotiria. She has always been looking up to the sky and finding fascinating stuff to see.


Priam runs his drink stand near the Central Factory and the Landing Port.


Prometheus is a designer at the Central Factory. Unfortunately, he lost some important papers when his airship was hijacked by the Sky Bandits.


Randall is visiting Ruan with his son Rutherford and granddaughter Muriel.


Ray works in the Lab of the Central Factory, watching grass grow. During his time, he decided to create a new tomato called the Acerbic Tomato.


Rudi is a maintenance technician at the Central Factory.


Rutherford sells airships. He was the liaison between the factory and the Royal Guard when the Arseille was built. He is the husband of Sotiria and father to Muriel.

Sister Kiera

Sister Kiera is the nun who takes care of the the Zeiss Chapel along with Father Vixen. She wishes the citizens would come to the church so the church didn't have to change into something new.


Sotiria is the wife of Rutherford and mother of Muriel. She is frightened of airships, even though her husband sells them.


Stain is the owner of Stain Arms & Guards in Zeiss.

Supervisor Travis

Supervisor Travis oversees most of the employees at the Central Factory, second to Murdock. He is often found in the Operations Room on the 5th floor.


Terry works in the Lab of the Central Factory.


Wilmont is a mechanic that works on the computers at the Central Factory.


Wong is a bracer at the Zeiss guild, and a connoisseur of great weapons.


Ursus is the head chef at Forgel Bar. He is the older brother to Louise and Yuriel.


Vince is the son of Elise. He thinks his mom has far too many flowers.


Yuriel is the younger sister to Louise and Ursus. She hates that her sister is lazy and only reads all day.



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