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Locations & Maps

The City of Bose

The City of Bose

The City of Bose is the main settlement of the Bose region. The main attraction of this city is the huge market in the middle of the city. Heading west out of the city takes you out through the West Bose Highway toward Ravennue Village and beyond, the eastern gate goes to the East Bose Highway to the City of Rolent, and the southern gate exits to the New Ansel Path.

This is the second major location visited in Trails in the Sky, and is the central hub of everything in Chapter 1.


Map of the City of Bose:

The City of Bose Map Bose International Port Frieden Hotel Kirsche's Bar Bose Bracer Guild Anterose Restaurant East Bose Highway Bose Market Bose Mayor's Residence West Bose Highway Borden and Rionne's Modena's Kuwano and Cecile's Sein Arms & Guards Lucir Orbal Factory Paul and Launa's Bose Chapel New Ansel Path


Inhabitants of the City of Bose:

Aldan Alta Alvelle Anelace Barlowe Berna Borden Buck Butler Mayner Carrie Carol Caron Cecile Citron Claire Cornelius Dina Edel Elegia Elke Emmy Fannie Father Holstein Felicia Finel Gantz Gwen Hardt Harry Horrace Jacob Katrina Kuwano Lakely Launa Lechter Lenore Letta Libro Lila Lucas Lugran Lyndon Lyril Marian Maybelle Marco Meissen Mina Minuet Mirano Modena Nial Burns Nigel Norche Norm Paul Platina Pomme Rionne Ross Sarah Seagaro Sein Shaque Simon Sister Rosa Spence Sting Ted Trayton Trino Warner
Trails in the Sky: AldanAldan

Aldan is a photographer in the City of Bose who is obsessed with taking pictures of airships at the Bose International Port.

Trails in the Sky: AltaAlta

Alta is a long-time patron of the Anterose Restaurant. She used to visit regularly with her grand-daddy 10-years ago and finds that the food hasn't just stayed the same quality since the restaurant's owner changed a few years ago, but it got even better. She has also noticed the sudden change in the local businesses lately. With the war so fresh in their minds, she wonders how so many are willing to openly trade with the Empire.

Trails in the Sky: AldanAlvelle

Alvelle is the son of Borden and Rionne. Even though he was raised in a family of merchants, he doesn't feel as if he belongs in that profession. He would rather study at the Royal Academy in Ruan.

Trails in the Sky: BarloweBarlowe

Barlowe is the clerk at the Frieden Hotel in the City of Bose. He believes that guests should always be greeted with sincerity and to follow his motto: Service always comes with a smile, which can sometimes be a strain on his employees.

Trails in the Sky: BernaBerna

Berna is a resident of the City of Bose, who found her stuck without a second option to get the Royal City during the lockdown after one of the ships went missing. You will find her near the kiosk at the Bose International Port.

Trails in the Sky: BordenBorden

Borden, the husband of Rionne and father of Alvelle, is a merchant in Bose. He has found business has been difficult since Trino's daughter, Mirano began her work as a merchant since he has been used to the type of competition Trino provided.

Trails in the Sky: Butler MaynerBuck

Buck runs Buck's Greengroceries in the Bose Market in the City of Bose. With the pressure of the blockades and the lack of airships, he found himself struggling to keep his business profitable, so he rose his price, which got the attention of the mayor who pushed him to reverse his increase. He has since learned his lesson and strives to be a better merchant.

Trails in the Sky: Butler MaynerButler Mayner

Butler Mayner is the butler at the Bose Mayor's Residence. He is a wealth of knowledge on the mayor and her past.

Trails in the Sky: CarolCarol

Carol is a resident of the City of Bose who visits the Market every day in her quest to prepare meals.

Trails in the Sky: CaronCaron

Caron is a patron of the Anterose Restaurant. He has noticed that with the Army disruptions due to the missing airship, his business has begun to suffer. He constantly finds himself disagreeing with Shaque's ideas on how to stay afloat.

Trails in the Sky: CarrieCarrie

Carrie runs the museum on the upper level of Lucir Orbal Factory in the City of Bose. She doesn't care who runs the shop, as long as she can continue working. She does prefer one of the owners compared to the other, though.

Trails in the Sky: CecileCecile

Cecile is the wife of Kuwano. While she doesn't have a problem with her husband's fishing hobby, she still finds herself constantly repeating the same problems over and over. It's so bad she considers her marriage the worst mistake of her life.

Trails in the Sky: CitronCitron

Citron is the sommelier (wine steward) at the Anterose Restaurant. He wishes that more wine was stockpiled in case of emergencies, especially when shipments suddenly stop. Before working here, he used to live in the Empire until the owner or Anterose loved the wine he poured her so much that she hired him on the spot.

Trails in the Sky: ClaireClaire

Claire is a resident of the City of Bose, who is first met at the Bose Market during her first visit there. She quickly finds herself in love with the market atmosphere and is constantly sneaking off just to be there.

Trails in the Sky: AldanCornelius

Cornelius is/was the owner of Lucir Orbal Factory in the City of Bose. He spent everything on his workshop, but was cheated out of it after his shop was attacked, which allowed Nigel, his former business partner, to take over. He is often found in Kirshe's Bar drinking away his sorrows. Perhaps there is a way to help him get his shop back...

Trails in the Sky: ClaireDina

Dina is the maid at the Frieden Hotel in the City of Bose. She doesn't seem like she likes her job very much as she considers her duties "terrible jobs." Whenever she has enough money saved up, she treats herself to dinner at the Anterose Restaurant. Her boss, Barlowe, often ruins her plans by making her work when her shift should be done, messing up plans and reservations.

Trails in the Sky: ClaireElegia

Elegia is a citizen of the City of Bose who frequents the market to find new outfits.

Trails in the Sky: ElkeElke

Elke is the daughter of Paul and Launa. Proud of his child, Paul included Elke as part of the name of his clothing store. She is found on the upper floor of Paul and Launa's home.

Trails in the Sky: EmmyEmmy

Emmy lives in the City of Bose and is often found shopping for sales at the Bose Market.

Trails in the Sky: FannieFannie

Fannie is the wife of Letta. She always admired the Anterose Restaurant from afar, but they finally saved enough to afford a meal there. She was so amazed by the food and environment that she fell in love with the place. Since it is so expensive, they have decided to work harder to afford to treat themselves more frequently.

Trails in the Sky: Father HolsteinFather Holstein

Father Holstein is the priest of the Bose Chapel in the City of Bose. He is a man of his word and has a magnetic personality which draws people to like and trust him. He finds Sister Rosa too strict in her beliefs and wishes she would adapt to the city since the inhabitants of Bose carries an air of freedom.

Trails in the Sky: FeliciaFelicia

Felicia runs Felicia's Hardware Store with her son Pomme at the Bose Market in the City of Bose. She carries some very basic weapons and armour for your party, which she makes herself... if you can stand her loud yelling. Her husband, Lore, still works at the orchard in Ravennue Village.

Trails in the Sky: AldanFinel

Finel is the fiancé of Katrina who, before he was trapped on the hijacked airliner, was opening the shop now known as Katrina's Confectionary at the Bose Market. After being rescued at the end of Chapter 1, he discovers that Katrina took over his shop and made a huge name for herself. Instead of taking it back, he decides to let her run her shop and to begin creating his own.

Trails in the Sky: GantzGantz

Gantz is a patron at the Bose Market in the City of Bose. He is found wandering around Katrina's Confectionary stand, who is run by a woman he finds attracted to. Even after learning that she is already engaged, that doesn't stop him from supporting her shop.

Trails in the Sky: GwenGwen

Gwen works in the Anterose Restaurant kitchen. Before working at the Anterose, she used to be the cook at a bar in Ruan where she wowed her current employer. While she finds herself restricted at first, soon she earns the trust and respect she requires to enjoy her job.
Due to shortages, she requires your help in getting some Tender Poultry for the restaurant (see Ingredient Seeker), which rewards by teaching the recipe for her specialty omelet, the Liberl Omelet.

Trails in the Sky: HardtHardt

Hardt is a resident of the City of Bose who found himself without a ride when the airships were grounded after one of them went missing. Thankfully, with the help of the Bracer Guild, he was able to recieve an escort out of Bose and into Ruan.

Trails in the Sky: HarryHarry

Harry is a young boy in the City of Bose, who dreams of becoming a wealthy merchant one day. His poor math skills are hurting his dreams, though. Thankfully he as a great friend, who, through negative enforcement, gives him the drive to make his dreams a reality.

Trails in the Sky: Head Chef RossHead Chef Ross

Head Chef Ross is, well, the head chef of the Anterose Restaurant. He takes his duties very seriously... almost psycho seriously. Others find him extremely difficult to work with due to his strong passion for perfection. He is a bit surprised that he was hired to work at Anterose without even meeting the owner first, though.

Trails in the Sky: VogtHorrace

Horrace is a patron of the Anterose Restaurant. He loves spicy food and finds the coriander-infused duck at Anterose fits his tastes perfectly. He used to be a merchant when he was younger but decided to retire and let the younger generation have their turn.

Trails in the Sky: VogtJacob

Jacob is a citizen of the City of Bose, who finds himself comparing the Bose Market with the one in Grancel. He prefers the Grancel one, though.

Trails in the Sky: KatrinaKatrina

Katrina runs Katrina's Confectionary at the Bose Market in the City of Bose, home of the Sweet Sponge Cake and Floral Jelly. Her fiancé, Finel, opened the stand just before he left on a trip on a doomed airliner, so she decided to run the shop in his absence and became very popular.

Trails in the Sky: VogtKuwano

Kuwano is the husband of Cecile. He loves his hobbies, especially fishing at Valleria Shore, but tends to forget to tell his wife when he is leaving, making for common arguments.

Trails in the Sky: LakelyLakely

Lakely is a mechanic at the Bose International Port. He's worked as an airship mechanic even before the airliners took the skies.

Trails in the Sky: LaunaLauna

Launa is the wife of Paul, who runs Paul & Elke's Outlet in the Bose Market in the City of Bose. While her husband runs the store, she stays home to take care of Elke. She isn't happy with her husbands choice to leave the army to run a store, though, but she is glad to have him home more often.

Trails in the Sky: ClaireLenore

Lenore is the waitress at the Anterose Restaurant. She's noticed that the restaurant continues to be more popular since the change of ownership. Before working at Anterose, she used to be a waitress in a restaurant in Zeiss.

Trails in the Sky: AldanLetta

Letta is the husband of Fannie. While she loves the Anterose Restaurant, he finds it so stressful that he can't really enjoy himself.

Trails in the Sky: Butler MaynerLibro

Libro is a patron at the Bose Market in the City of Bose. Every day he heads to the Magazine Stand there looking for new and exciting reads. He loves the place so much that he decides to help Minuet keep the shop clean and organized.. Be sure to speak to him before going to Valleria Shore during the South Block Burglary or you will miss Carnelia - Chapter 4.

Trails in the Sky: Butler MaynerLucas

Lucas is a merchant of the City of Bose who also acts as a greeter for newcomers.You will find him wandering around outside of the Bose Market.

Trails in the Sky: LyndonLyndon

Lyndon specializes in unique creatures found throughout the world, like a certain speedy one east of Bose. He is also a vast resource of knowledge about the history of the world. One of the things he has learned is that orbal technology was much more sophisticated before the Great Collapse and new ancient relics are still being discovered. You will find him at Kirshe's Bar in Bose.

Trails in the Sky: LyrilLyril

Lyril lives in the City of Bose. Her first errand without supervision was to shop at the Bose Market, but she forgot what she needed to buy, only to be too afraid to ask for the items when she remembers. Eventually, she becomes so accustomed to it that she seeks out the market to look for new things.

Trails in the Sky: Manager LechterManager Lechter

Manager Lechter runs the Anterose Restaurant on behalf of its owner, who prefers to leave the management to others.

Trails in the Sky: MarcoMarco

Marco is a merchant of the Erebonian Empire, wanting to do business in the City of Bose. If you talk to him after you are told that you can meet with General Morgan during the Missing Airliner quest, he will give you Carnelia - Chapter 3. Afterwards can be found exploring the shops of Bose.

Trails in the Sky: MeissenMeissen

Meissen is a patron at the Bose Market in the City of Bose found near Felicia's Hardware Store. He just loves looking for bargains, especially antique bargains. Hates the military, though.

Trails in the Sky: MinaMina

Mina is a young girl in the City of Bose. While she would love to see Harry succeed in becoming a wealthy merchant, she knows that many never become successful, and makes sure he knows it.

Trails in the Sky: MinuetMinuet

Minuet has been running Minuet's Magazine Stand at the Bose Market in the City of Bose for more than 40 years. She ran the shop even before the building that encloses it was built. She carries everything from antique books to textiles and daily necessities, although you are only interested in the books and newspapers, some of which you can buy if you missed them in the prologue.

Trails in the Sky: MiranoMirano

Mirano, daughter of Modena and Trino, is a Bose entrepreneur who has been trying to capitalize on the expected price increase after the queen's birthday, with the help of Simon, only to be pulled away after her father goes missing. Some people consider her the vice-mayor of Bose since she controls so much of the trade.

While some mistake her strong feelings about taking over her father's work as dislike for her dad, it is just her competitive streak taking control as she strives to be better than him.

Trails in the Sky: ModenaModena

Modena is a wealthy resident of Bose, but her husband, Trino, has gone missing on his trip on an airliner, leaving her and her daughter, Mirano, to pick up the pieces.

Trails in the Sky: NigelNigel

Nigel runs Lucir Orbal Factory in the City of Bose, but did he aquire it through legal means? Cornelius tends to think so.

Trails in the Sky: NormNorm

Norm is a mechanic at the Bose International Port. He finds himself getting yelled at constantly by Lakely whenever he stops for a minute.

Trails in the Sky: PaulPaul

Paul runs Paul & Elke's Outlet in the Bose Market in the City of Bose. He is the husband of Launa and the father of Elke. Originally, he was an officer in the Royal Army, but he dreamed of running his own shop, so he left everything he built behind to follow his dreams. His wife isn't happy with the move, but his daughter loves it.

Trails in the Sky: PlatinaPlatina

Platina is a waitress at Kirshe's Bar in Bose. She has noticed that many people tend to stick around at the bar for a long time, and most blather on endlessly about their troubles.

Trails in the Sky: PommePomme

Pomme is the son of Felicia, of the City of Bose. He is found with his mother at her stall in the Bose Market where he learns the tricks of the trade. His dad, Lore, still works at the orchard in Ravennue Village.

Trails in the Sky: RionneRionne

Rionne is the wife of Borden and mother of Alvelle. Along with her husband, she represents one of the most powerful merchants in Bose.

Trails in the Sky: Receptionist TedReceptionist Ted

Receptionist Ted is found in the kiosk of the Bose International Port. He is charged with the task of guiding travellers to the correct dock or giving them the bad news when they are stuck where they are.

Trails in the Sky: ClaireSarah

Sarah is a maid and the cook at the Bose Mayor's Residence, working under Lila. When she isn't working at the Mayor's Residence, she will normally be found shopping at the Bose Market or visiting the Bose Chapel.

Trails in the Sky: SeinSein

Sein runs Sein Arms & Guards in the City of Bose. When he was young he started his business in the Bose Market, and slowly built up his business until he was able to run his own store.

Trails in the Sky: ShaqueShaque

Shaque is a patron at the Anterose Restaurant. He is worried that Bose is starting to run out of certain goods, and isn't happy with the Caron's ideas.

Trails in the Sky: Butler MaynerSimon

Simon is Mirano's Assistant, whom he follows whenever she needs him. He is first found in Rolent where he assists her with buying lumber to capitalize on the queen's birthday, then later relaxing in Bose.

Trails in the Sky: Sister RosaSister Rosa

Sister Rosa is the local nun at the Bose Chapel. Unlike Father Holstein's accepting attitude towards how some people worship, she takes a much harder stance. Because of this, she has difficulty dealing with the pace the father does things.

Trails in the Sky: VogtSpence

Spence runs Spence's Pharmacy at the Bose Market in the City of Bose. He carries many of the most essential cures needed for the Bose area. Father Holstein has asked him to make more medicines, but due to the shipment issues, he has to look for new local supplies, especially for Bear Claw.

Trails in the Sky: StingSting

Sting is a bracer in the Bose Bracer Guild. He has worked at the guild when Scherazard was just a novice. Due to carrying out the various jobs for the guild, he is rarely seen staying in one spot for long.

Trails in the Sky: AldanTrayton

Trayton runs Trayton Foods in the Bose Market in the City of Bose. When his friend, Buck, raised some of his prices due to the blockade, he thought about doing the same until the mayor educated them on their error. He and Buck hope to open a shop together one day.

Trails in the Sky: TrinoTrino

Trino is one of the wealthiest merchants in Bose. After he went missing aboard an airliner, his daughter Mirano took over running the family business with his wife Modena. After his rescue, he continued his work, allowing his family to continue to live their lives as they wish.

Trails in the Sky: GantzWarner

Warner runs Kirshe's Bar. He hates it with people compare the bar to the fancy restaurant down the street since his bar is calm and relaxing where the Anterose feels like a place where you are rushed out the door. If you wish to tease your taste buds, for just 300 Mira, you can buy a Cheese Risotto from him.



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