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The Characters


Trails in the Sky: Maybelle

Maybelle is a the mayor of the City of Bose and is also the owner of the Bose Market.

She is very young for a mayor, having inherited the responsibilities from her late father. Many were upset with her appointment to mayor, but after seeing her in action, most eventually respected her. Maybelle may have quite the temper, although it is mainly due to her naive, and young, beliefs that everyone should always do what is best for everyone, even if it means keeping market prices low during shortages. Her maid, Lila, wishes she would be more dutiful in her religious duties, though.

Each month, she gives out an award to one of the merchants, which doesn't really have any value, but does perfectly promotes a healthy pride in all of the merchants.



Memorable Quotes

Commerce, when you get right down to it, is the established relationship of trust between people.

Ehh, just call it... a businesswoman's preogative.


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