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The Characters

Josette Capua


Trails in the Sky: Josette Capua / Josette Harr

Josette Capua, AKA Josette Harr, is a girl wrapped in mystery at the earlier parts of the game, but as the truth about her is revealed, things start to make much more sense.

Your first introduction to Josette will be as the "Girl in Uniform," then later as Josette Harr. She claims to be from the Jenis royal academy in Ruan and is researching cultural assets in each region for her studies. Too bad it isn't true.

She is actually the 3rd of the now criminal Capua family. She wasn't always a criminal, and still questions the choices of her older brothers. She still goes through the theft of the Queen's gift, and assists in the capture of the Linde.

During the invasion of their base by a group of Bracers, she is captured and imprisoned in Leiston Fortress. During her incarceration, she was pushed to participate in the Grand Arena, where she fought for her freedom. Even though they lose, she still finds her freedom at the end of the game.


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