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The Characters

Kyle Capua

Trails in the Sky: Kyle Capua

Kyle is the 2nd oldest brother of the Capua family. He loves explosions, especially grenades which he utilizes in battle, and smoke grenades to escape from capture.

During the Mayoral Theft, he appears briefly to save his sister and her cohorts from being captured. In Chapter 1, he returns while he leads the mission to strip the Linde of everything it has. During this encounter, he reveals that he is aware of something we are not, there is a mole. When confronted, he bravely fights the Bracers with four other Sky Bandits and makes his escape aboard the Bobcat.

He is later tracked down at Valleria Shore after a brazen theft at Bose. Here it is revealed that he is pushing his sister down this dark path involving an unknown shadow organization. Although they don't notice it, they are followed from here by a group of Bracers who infiltrate their stronghold. This leads to another confrontation with the heroes and a far worse defeat. Not only does he realize that something was affecting his older brother, whom he looked up to, but he was also captured after fighting off our group of protagonists and falling into the hands of the army.

During his stay as a prisoner of Leiston Fortress, he fought for his freedom in the Grand Arena and failed. He also revealed that, even though the heroes defeated him, he doesn't hold any grudges and even covers for them. During the commotion later, he and the rest of the Sky Bandits escape from captivity and are free at the end of the game.


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