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The Characters

Don Capua

Trails in the Sky: Kyle Capua

Don is the oldest brother of the Capua family. This man favors the big guns, in and out of battle.

While Don isn't seen until the end of Chapter 1, he is mentioned often by his two younger siblings. Even though his brother and sister look up to him, they still chose not to blindly follow him when he began showing odd behavior swings.

The cause of his vicious behavior is caused by some type of mind-control, visible through by his red eyes (as shown in the picture here). While in this state, he was very different from his normal charming a good-natured self. His greed became so great that he even threatened his siblings when they began to refuse to assist him in murdering innocents.

Thankfully, the hits he takes in the confrontation with the heroic bracers was enough to snap him out of whatever mind-control he was under. Unfortunately for the Capua's, it was too late to avoid capture. Along with the rest of the Sky Bandits, he was imprisoned in Leiston Fortress where they met the bracers again, even covering for them.

Don and his crew showed up again in the Grand Arena, where they fought for their freedom, but it wasn't meant to be. Luckily, Don and his family escaped incarceration during the chaos at the end of the game.


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