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Bose Market

Bose Market

Within the center the City of Bose resides its most proud feature, the Bose Market! Hidden inside this huge building is Buck's Greengrocery, Felicia's Hardware Store, Katrina's Confectionary, Minuet's Magazine Stand, Paul & Elke's Outlet, Spence's Pharmacy, and Trayton Foods.




Buck's Greengrocery

Buck's shop is located at the south end of the Bose Market. As the name suggests, this is the shop to get your produce you need for recipes.

  Item Price (Mira)
Ingredient Flaky Potato 10
Ingredient Crisp Onion 10
Ingredient Dirty Carrot 10
Ingredient Luscious Orange 20
Ingredient Ripe Apple 20


Felicia's Hardware Store

Felicia's is found at the north end of the Bose Market. This shop contains a few items that you can use as weapons and armor, which should have other uses. The non-equipable items are much more useful.

  Item Price (Mira)
Accessory (All) Work Helmet 1000
Bo Staff (Estelle) Laundry Pole 500
Swords (Joshua) Paring Knives 500
Potion Insulating Tape 100
Potion EP Charge 500


Katrina's Confectionery

Katrina's small stand is found at the western entrance of the Bose Market. This houses the sweetest treats of the market, which are also very useful during fights.

  Item Price (Mira)
To Go Meal Sweet Sponge Cake 250
To Go Meal Floral Jelly 300


Minuet's Magazine Stand

Minuet's stand is located in the northwest corner of the Bose Market. This is the place to get your optional reading material. The items change as you progress through Chapter 1.

  Item Price (Mira)
Books Liberl News - Issue 2 100
Books Liberl News - Issue 3 100
Books Liberl News - Issue 4 100
Books Carnelia - Chapter 1 1000
Books Carnelia - Chapter 2 1000


Paul & Elke's Outlet

Paul's clothing shop is in the southwest corner of the Bose Market. Unfortunately, you will only find two things to buy, and both aren't all that useful.

  Item Price (Mira)
Boots (All) Strega-J 1000
Accessory (All) Red Scarf 1000


Spence's Pharmacy

Spence's store is located just north of the east entrance of the Bose Market. This is the essential shop for all that heals you.

  Item Price (Mira)
Consumable Tear Balm 200
Consumable Purging Balm 100
Consumable Softening Balm 100
Consumable Smelling Salts 100
Consumable Reviving Balm 200


Trayton Foods

Trayton's food store is in the southeast corner of the market. If you're planning on making your own food, this is the shop you are looking for.

  Item Price (Mira)
Ingredient Tri-Colored Rice 200
Ingredient Aged Miso 300
Ingredient Vintage Wine 300
Ingredient Fresh Milk 50
Ingredient Fresh Eggs 10
Ingredient Sharp Cheese 30
Ingredient Milled Flour 4
Ingredient Marbled Steak 100
Ingredient Maple Sugar 4
Ingredient Kibbled Salt 4
Ingredient Olive Oil 16
Ingredient Fresh Herb 10
Ingredient Black Pepper 10
Ingredient Red Pepper 10






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