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Sein Arms & Guards

Sein Arms & Guards


Found in the middle of Bose's Southern disctrict, Sein Arms & Guards, run by Sein himself, is the largest source of weapons and armour in the City of Bose.



Store Inventory

  Item Price (Mira)
Bo Staff (Estelle) Pile Rod 600
Bo Staff (Estelle) Stun Rod 2000
Swords (Joshua) Kunai 800
Swords (Joshua) Dual Razors 2500
Whips (Scherazard) Blitz 2000
Armour (All) Armor Vest 800
Armour (All) Leather Jacket 2000
Boots (All) Spikes 800
Boots (All) Work Boots 1500
Accessory (All) Silver Earring 200
Accessory (All) White Bracelet 200
Accessory (All) Lighter 500
Accessory (All) Black Bangle 500
Accessory (All) Pearl Earring 500






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