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Locations & Maps

The City of Rolent

The City of Rolent

The City of Rolent is the main settlement of the Rolent region, and the area where Estelle and Joshua grew up in. The main attractions of this city are Elger Arms & Goods, Rinon General Goods, Melders Orbal Factory, the Abend Bar, Hotel Rolent, Rolent Landing Port, and the Rolent Bracer Guild. Other places include the Mayor's Residence, the Chapel, the Clocktower, and the Sewers.

This is the first major location visited in Trails in the Sky, and becomes the central hub of everything in the Prologue.

Map of the City of Rolent:

Map of the City of Rolent Rolent Landing Port Malga Trail Hotel Rolent Rolent Clocktower Abend Bar Abend Suites Milch Main Road Rolent Two-Flat Fate's House Melders Orbal Factory Rinon General Goods Rolent Bracer Guild Elger Arms & Guards Rolent Chapel Mayor's Residence Rolent Sewers Elize Highway


Supporting Characters within the City of Rolent:

Inhabitants of the City of Rolent:

Aina Alan Anya Armand Bloom Charles Claire Densel Dorothy Hyatt Edel Elger Elissa Ellie Euridice Fabree Fate Father Divine Faulkner Freddy Freemont Frissa Ida Lita Josette Capua Luke Maggy Mayor Klaus Melders Mirano Mylene Nial Burns Orvid Pat Paddington Radford Radmira Rhett Ridge Rino Seagaro Serra Simon Sister May Skip Stella Tabitha Trent Verne Yuni
Trails in the Sky: AlanAlan

Alan is in charge of the booth at the Rolent Landing Pad. He enjoys checking out the girls as they pass by his booth, which is probably why he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Trails in the Sky: LyrilAnya

Anya is the young daughter of Frissa and Gaton. While her dad is away, she spends most of her time helping her mom with the chores. For some reason, she doesn't play outside with the other children or Rolent. She's excited that she'll be starting Sunday School soon, though.

Trails in the Sky: Butler MaynerArmand

Armand is originally found in the City of Rolent with a massive crush on Ellie. Eventually, he builds up the courage to court her. At the beginning of Chapter 1, he reveals that he and Ellie are heading to the Royal City for the queen's birthday.

Trails in the Sky: BloomBloom

Bloom is the mother of Rinon and lives with him on the 2nd floor of Rinon General Goods in the City of Rolent. She loves her son but wishes he would find someone, preferably a good cook, to share his life with. She even goes so far as to approach other women to see if they would marry him.

Trails in the Sky: CharlesCharles

Charles lives in the Calvard Republic with his mother, Radmira. He travels with her to Rolent and Zeiss frequently as they stock up on supplies.

Trails in the Sky: LyrilClaire

Claire is a girl who lives in the City of Rolent who dreams of being a juicy tabloid reporter for the Liberl News Service. She makes it her business to know about everything important, making her a very useful source of information.

Trails in the Sky: DenselDensel

Densel is the owner and cook of Abend Bar. While he runs the kitchen, his wife Tabitha works on the financials upstairs and his daughter, Elissa, serves the customers. He also employs Faulkner to manage the counter. After Elissa adds new items to their menu, he considers hiring a new server so Elissa can help in the kitchen.

Trails in the Sky: EdelEdel

Edel is on a pilgrimage with her husband, Seagaro, to see all the chapels in the Liberl Kingdom with. Unfortunately for her husband, she finds herself lured into unexpected spending sprees at markets. You will first encounter them in Rolent after Cassius leaves and again in Bose then Ruan as you continue your journey.

Trails in the Sky: ElissaElger

Elger runs the store Elger Arms & Guards in the City of Rolent. He and his wife, Stella, has known Estelle and Joshua since they were little children. For a short while, Elger even employed Joshua until he decided to become a Bracer.

Trails in the Sky: ElissaElissa

Elissa, daughter of Densel and Tabitha, works as a waitress at Abend Bar. While she doesn't mind working at the bar, she feels like she's being left behind while the rest of her friends from Sunday School all head off toward their goals.

Trails in the Sky: ClaireEllie

Ellie is originally found in the City of Rolent. As the story progresses, she falls in love with Armand.

Trails in the Sky: EuridiceEuridice

Euridice is the wife of Freemont and daughter of Radford. She spends most of her time at home while Freemont tries to become a great woodcutter like her father, although, she would rather her father just accept her husband for who he is.

Trails in the Sky: FabreeFabree

Fabree is the mechanic at the Rolent Landing Pad, where he spends most of his time repairing the engines of the airships. He just loves the smell of an airliner's engines, and rain on the wet runways.

Trails in the Sky: FateFate

Fate lives with his daughter, Yuni, in the City of Rolent. He is an old battle buddy of Cassius after they fought together in the Royal Army, during which he got severely injured by a piece of flying shrapnel. He hopes desperately that he will be able to raise his daughter in a time of peace. He tends to forget that his daughter is only 7, though.

Trails in the Sky: Father DivineFather Divine

Father Divine is the priest of the Rolent Chapel. Even though Estelle was often sleeping in class and causing trouble, he is still enjoyed teaching her and often talks about her.

He is extremely well known throughout all of Liberl, thanks to his breakthroughs in alchemy. Many of the most powerful medicines created by the Septian Church are actually created by Father Divine. This started when he was the father in Grancel, but moving to Rolent hasn't stopped him from finding new ways to heal.

Trails in the Sky: GantzFaulkner

Faulkner manages the desk at Abend Bar. When he first took the job, he was promised that he would manage the bar, although he finds that his job is more of a waiter since they began serving food.

Trails in the Sky: AldanFreddy

Freddy works at Melders Orbal Factory in the City of Rolent. When he first entered the Zeiss Central Factory, he had no idea how to use an Orbment, but that hasn't stopped him from creating them and learning along the way.

Trails in the Sky: AldanFreemont

Freemont is a young man, who is trying to impress his father-in-law, Radford, as he attempts to fill his shoes as the areas primary woodcutter. His wife, Euridice, tries to help, but he feels the pressure is on him to succeed. His house is located on the ground level of the two-flat located near the western gate.

Trails in the Sky: FrissaFrissa

Frissa lives at home within the Rolent Two-Flat with her daughter, Anya, while her husband, Gaton, manages in the Malga Mine. Since her husband often doesn't return for days, she worries that he's safe and isn't burning himself out.

Trails in the Sky: IdaIda

Ida is often found with her cat, Aryll, just outside the Abend Bar. She doesn't really do anything, just sits there and sleeps.

Trails in the Sky: ClaireLita

Lita is the maid of the Mayor's Residence in the City of Rolent. She may seem all sweet and caring, but anger her and you might get a rag to the face and the business end of her broom to someplace sensitive.

Trails in the Sky: LukeLuke

Luke is the son of Maggy and Chief Warrant Officer Ashton. He spends most of his time playing on the streets of Rolent with his friends Pat and Yuni and fantasizes about being a Bracer. Due to his fantasies of being a hero, he often gets into trouble.

Trails in the Sky: VogtMaggy

Maggy is Luke's mother and wife to Chief Warrant Officer Ashton. While her husband is away on duty, she takes care of Luke by herself.

Trails in the Sky: VogtMelders

Melders owns the Melders Orbal Factory in the City of Rolent. Since he leaves the operation of the store to Freddy, he spends much of his time creating Orbments and repairing devices. After all his years of experience, he has the tenancy to look back and recollect on his younger days.

Trails in the Sky: MyleneMylene

Mylene is the wife of Klaus, the Mayor of Rolent. Instead of living the posh life of the mayor's wife, she prefers doing things herself. Her son is a teacher at the Jenis Royal Academy.

Trails in the Sky: OrvidOrvid

Orvid will be found at Rinon's after Cassius' departure looking for "Grade-A product". What is that product? A special mushroom he asks you to find in Mushroom Hunt after you complete the Perzel Farm Monsters quest.

Trails in the Sky: PaddingtonPaddington

Paddington has taken it upon himself to spend the rest of his days guarding the Rolent Clocktower. He calls Estelle "Cassius's Naughty Daughter" while Joshua is the "Clever Son".

Trails in the Sky: PatPat

Pat is a child who spends his days chasing after Luke on the streets of Rolent. Where Luke goes, he goes, and what trouble Luke is involved in, Pat is stuck with, too. His parents are Serra and Rhett.

Trails in the Sky: VogtRadford

Radford was the main woodcutter in Rolent until his back forced him to retire. Now he looks to his son-in-law, Freemont, to take over the family business. While he didn't care for Freemont at first, he decided to back his daughter and help her husband the best he can. He currently lives with his daughter, Euridice.

Trails in the Sky: ElissaRadmira

Radmira has come to Liberl from the Calvard Republic with her son, Charles, to sell crafts, but she finds the competition is fierce and difficult to sell what she has. Instead, she decides to buy Liberl items and sell them back home.

Trails in the Sky: RhettRhett

Rhett is the father of Pat and husband of Serra. This man collects all sorts of books, both useful and absurd. He provides you a copy of Carnelia - Chapter 1 after the Bracer test at the beginning of the game.

Trails in the Sky: RidgeRidge

Ridge is one of the lesser known Bracers of the Rolent Bracer Guild. Like Estelle and Joshua, he was trained by the legendary Scherazard Harvey and has witnessed the reason she is known as the Silver Streak. Unlike the other Bracers, Ridge is unable to hold his liquor - just one drink and he's a goner.

Trails in the Sky: AldanRinon

Rinon runs the store Rinon General Goods in the City of Rolent. Rinon wanted to be a Bracer when he was a kid, but it never did turn out. Instead, he headed to Bose to learn how to run a business and opened up his own shop.

Trails in the Sky: AldanSeagaro

Seagaro is on a pilgrimage with his wife, Edel, to see all the chapels in the Liberl Kingdom with. You will first encounter them in Rolent after Cassius leaves. Sadly, their pilgrimage gets interrupted by unexpected costs during the airliner stoppage. One thing he wishes he could change about his wife is her spending habits.

Trails in the Sky: SerraSerra

Serra is the mother or Pat and wife of Rhett. Despite her attempts to get Rhett to clean his library of books, they always kick up a dust storm when they fall over.

Trails in the Sky: Sister MaySister May

Sister May is the nun of the Rolent Chapel.

Trails in the Sky: SkipSkip

Skip is the porter at the Rolent Landing Pad. He is very diligent in his duties as he even stands at the ramp when the airships aren't in operation.

Trails in the Sky: ElissaStella

Stella and her husband Elger runs the store Elger Arms & Guards in the City of Rolent. When Joshua and Estelle were young, she would often take care of them while Cassius was away. She still worries about Estelle since she knows that she doesn't spend enough time looking her best.

Trails in the Sky: TabithaTabitha

Tabitha runs the financial side of Abend Bar. Her husband, Densel, works in the kitchen while her daughter, Elissa, serves customers at the tables.

Trails in the Sky: VerneVerne

Verne runs the Hotel Rolent. He says that the front desk is busy when new passengers arrive, yet the Inn is almost always empty.

Trails in the Sky: YuniYuni

Yuni, daughter of Fate, is a 7-year-old girl in the City of Rolent. She is usually found outside, sometimes playing with her friends Luke and Pat. Her home is in the south-west corner of Rolent.


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