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The Characters

Estelle Bright

Trails in the Sky: Estelle Bright

This bubbly young woman is the main protagonist of Trails in the Sky.

Estelle, daughter of Cassius and Rena, was born in 8-7-1186 of the Septain Calendar in rural Rolent. She's always strived to be a great hero, like her parents, even after the tragedy which took her mother away from her. When she was of age, she began training to be a Bracer, like her parent, with her adopted brother Joshua and officially became a novice Bracer at the age of 16.

She enjoys keeping active, fighting with her staff, fishing, collecting bugs, and has a fetish for athletic footwear. Apparently she is a terrible cook, as per the constant reminders from other characters. Don't get on her bad side - she has the tenancy to hit first, ask questions later.




Hard Break



Memorable Quotes

I'll give YOU a head injury if you don't shut up!

All those horrible days stuck in a classroom are starting to feel like grand memories indeed...

I give thanks to thee for thy infinite grace in bestowing upon us such wonderful gifts as sewers.

All those horrible days stuck in a classroom are starting to feel like grand memories indeed...

Looks like it's time to give you some of my SPECIAL discipline!

You're going to see my 'angry expression' if you keep that up...

The next time I see that scruffy, lying, jerk of a tomboy I'm going to thwack-bam-kapow her!

So you're a pervert, just like I thought!

Getting rid of that weirdo was probably better not only for ourselves, but a service for the world at large, too!

Well, excuse me for not being sexy!

Can you actually earn mira with that crap?

What horror have we unleashed upon this poor, innocent city?!

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