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The Characters

Kloe Rinz

Trails in the Sky: Kloe Rinz

Kloe Rinz attends the Jenis Royal Acedemy where she majors in social studies. She is also the schools fencing champion. When she isn't at school she helps out at the nearby Mercia Orphanage where she's had a huge impact on the children, especially one troublemaker.

Read on only at the risk of huge character spoilers!

While many know her as Kloe, she she really Klaudia von Auslese, successor to the throne and granddaughter of Queen Alicia von Auslese II. Her father, Prince Judis of Liberl died shortly after her birth when the ship he was on sank off the coast of Calvard. Shortly after this, she was raised by the kind souls of Merica Orphanage.




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