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The Characters

Olivier Lenheim

Trails in the Sky: Olivier Lenheim


Olivier Lenheim, is the alias a certain prince has chosen for himself. Visiting Liberl from the Erebonian Empire, he is first met at the Haken Gate, waiting for the right people to come alone, which ends up being your party.

He is very flirtatious, towards both men and women whom he finds attractive. He's also a huge fan of exquisite food and drink. He often portrays himself as a bard and musician, but his skill tends to make people question that. He even claims he starred as the main opera singer at the Great Theater in the Erebonian Capital and made over a million mira doing so in a single night.


Songs Played


"Amber of Love (Amber Amour)"



Quick Draw
Sniper Shot
Happy Trigger
Howling Bullet


Memorable Quotes

Daughters of serenity. Sons of elegance.

How dreadful it is that genius is misunderstood in every generation. I feel as if my delicate glass heart is about to be broken.



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