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The Characters

Joshua Bright

Trails in the Sky: Joshua Bright

"For me, keeping my word is what defines who I am."


This young lad was born as Joshua Astray in 12-20-1185, but was adopted into the Bright household when he was 11. After being adopted, he followed his adopted sister, Estelle, as he quested to become a Bracer like her father, Cassius, and officially became one at the age of 16.

He enjoys the simple moments, mainly thanks to his very dark childhood, and spends his time reading and playing his harmonica. Unlike his sister, he appears very calm and collected, but also protective of his adopted sister, which means he spends much of his time trying to keep her out of trouble. When fighting, he prefers using two blades, which he uses to release the true fierceness which stirs just below the surface of his peaceful exterior.

Thanks to his attidue and appearance, many girls are attracted to him, although he has rejected all advances.

Songs Played


"The Whereabouts of the Stars"



Cloak & Dagger
Dual Strike
Evil Eye
Black Fang


Memorable Quotes

And knowing Schera it'll involve the whip...

For me, keeping my word is what defines who I am.

I don't know how to put this, Estelle, but... Sunday school is dying to have you back.

I think I'll go help with dinner. We don't want the curtains to catch fire again.

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