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The Characters

Scherazard Harvey

Trails in the Sky: Scherazard Harvey


Scherazard Harvey, or Schera as her friends call her, additionally as The Silver Streak, is a very kind and caring woman, despite her little drinking problem. She is a C-Rank Bracer, and aspiring Fortune Teller. Until Estelle joined the Bracers, she was the only female in the Rolent Bracer Guild. She has a strong bond with Estelle, and enjoyed shopping together when she wasn't on missions with Cassius, whom originally trained her.



Bind Whip
Sylphen Whip
Sadist Whip

Memorable Quotes

This training is my way of trying to keep some of that information in your head instead of letting it dribble out your ears like it usually does.

Sometimes I fear for the future of the Bracer Guild... and humanity...

Whether we're talking booze or something else behing closed doors, I'll help break you in.




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