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The Bracers Guild


The Bracers, or Bracer Guild, is a group of investigators and combat specialists that work to protect the civilians and maintain the political stability. Most members operate by taking on jobs or quests to assist others or to slay creatures.

The ranking system of the Bracers is broken into 3 stages. The Junior Bracers begin at Rank 10 and go up to Rank 1, the Senior Bracers are alphabetal beginning at Rank G and incrementing up to Rank A, and the best of the Bracers are given Rank S. Only 4 Bracers on the entire continent have been award Rank S, one of which is Cassius Bright.

Inside each Bracer Guild is a Job Board where newJobs or Quests are made available for all Bracer members to complete. The reward for each mission can vary depending on how you complete it.


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