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The Characters

Agate Crosner

Trails in the Sky: Agate Crosner

Agate "Heavy Blade" Crosner is a senior bracer who takes his duties and, well, everything in life very seriously. When first met, he appears to be a cruel jerk who puts down those who strive to be better than they are, but as the story unfolds you realize he is exactly that, but with a kind defender at heart.

Much of his attitude and outlook comes from his childhood. Growing up in Ravennue, Agate learned how to be kind to others, but the war showed him that a kind exterior will get you killed. After the loss of his sister he became cruel and vengeful to those who failed to protect the village, and soon began a gang called the Ravens, until Cassius Bright entered his life.



Flame Smash
Wild Rage
Beat Down
Final Break



Memorable Quotes

There's no way the two of you are going to simply become senior bracers.

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