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Rolent Sewers

Rolent Sewers

The Rolent Sewers is the first dungeon of Trails in the Sky. While it may not be as complex as later locations, there are still key points of interest.

You first enter the Rolent Sewers during the training mission at the start of the game. The first time you enter this area, the enemies will be easily visible, but return visits will have the enemies behave normally.

Key locations include an Orbment Charge Station near the entrance and a chest with a Reviving Balm. In addition, there are also items available for two quests: Training - Retrieval and Find the Shiny Rock.

Map of Rolent Sewers

Map of Rolent Sewers Up to the City of Rolent Reviving Balm Small Box x2 Find the Shiny Rock quest Orbment Charge Station



While there are only 2 types of enemies in the Rolent Sewers, the monsters are slightly different for the Training: Retrieval quest.

Dirty Rat Moth Cluster

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