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Elger Arms & Guards

Elger Arms and Guards

Elger Arms & Guards is the main weapons and armour dealer in the City of Rolent, which makes this one of the first shops you will encounter in Trails in the Sky. Elger runs the shop proper while his wife, Stella, resides in their living quarters upstairs.

You will find it located in the southern are of the City of Rolent next to the Bracer Guild.


Store Inventory

  Item Price (Mira)
Bo Staff (Estelle) Pile Rod 600
Swords (Joshua) Kunai 800
Armour (All) Leather Vest 100
Armour (All) Armor Vest 800
Boots (All) Leather Boots 200
Boots (All) Spikes 800
Accessory (All) Silver Earring 200
Accessory (All) White Bracelet 200
Accessory (All) Black Bangle 500


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