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Training: Retrieval

This quest is the very first job that is completed as Estelle and Joshua finish their training to become Bracers.

Client: Scherazard
Pay: 500 Mira, 1 BP
Details: Direct Request
Difficulty: Easy
Locations: Rolent Sewers
Enemies: Dirty Rat, Moth Cluster

This training will involve searching the sewers beneath Rolent and bringing back the contents of a chest.

See Scherazard for details.

Notebook Entries

  1. We will be searching for an object inside a chest. The sewer system seems fairly straight-forward, so there shouldn't be any problems.
  2. Found the chest! Opened it, and retrieved Small Box x2.
  3. Presented our findings to Schera




Once Scherazard takes your party to the sewers, explore the dungeon, dispatching the Dirty Rats and Moth Clusters blocking your path. The dungeon is very linear, so don't be afraid of exploring the small alcoves for extra items. At the far north-west corner of the Rolent Sewers you will find the chest that contains the Small Box x2. Simply report back to Scherazard to complete the quest.

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