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Perzel Farm Monsters

After waving bye to dad, Aina will have this mission ready for you. Just drop by the Rolent Bracer Guild and speak to her to accept it.

Client: Bracer Guild
Pay: 1000 Mira, 1 BP
Bonus: 2 BP
Details: Direct Request
Difficulty: Easy
Locations: Perzel Farm
Enemies: Crop Muncher, Giant Crop Muncher

Reports have been made of monsters destroying crops at the Perzel Farm.

While there have been no injuries as of yet, it would be best to exterminate them as soon as possible, to ensure everyone's continued safety.

Notebook Entries

  1. First, we'll take Dad's place, and exterminate some monsters.
  2. The farm can be found by heading west along the Milch Main Road and bearing south at the fork.
  3. Tio says the monsters only come out at night.
  4. Time to start on our rounds.
  5. No monsters in the stable
  6. No monsters in the greenhouses.
  7. No monsters in the cabbage patch.
  8. Monsters have been sighted!
  9. Blasted critters have been given a beating they won't soon forget!
  10. Let's report back to the guild.


After taking on the mission, head west out of the City of Rolent. The enemies in this area are optional, but the experience you earn if you level will help you later on. As you progress west, the path with split off to the south, which takes you Perzel Farm.

Once at the farm, locate and speak to the children near the house and Tio which is in the fenced area nearby - you will need to enter the stable to access it. This will trigger the arrival of Franz and Hannah in the house, which will continue the mission.

After darkness falls, visit the stable, the cabbage patch, and the southern greenhouse. Upon leaving the last location, the enemies will arrive and will begin munching on the cabbage crop. To begin the fight, you need to successfully sneak up on them from behind. To get the bonus BP, you will need to succeed at sneaking up on them the first time! Take the path around the crop and walk up to them from the east to surprise them.

The battle itself it quite routine. The Crop Munchers aren't much to worry about, but the leader, the Giant Crop Muncher, can do a bit more damage thanks to its arts. Take that one out first, then focus on the two smaller munchers.

The dialogue choice after the battle doesn't have any impact on anything than character building, so choose which feels right to you, then return to the Rolent Bracer Guild to complete this quest.

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