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Mayoral Theft

While you are completing the Liberl Media quest, Mayor Klaus will storm into the guild setting you on a mission to catch a thief and recover what was taken. This mission will also mark the end of the Prologue section of Trails in the Sky.

Client: Bracer Guild
Pay: 3000 Mira, 6 BP
Bonus: 5 BP
Details: Urgent Request
Difficulty: Hard
Locations: Mistwald
Enemies: Bandit (Boss), Josette (Boss), Forest Mist, Killer Hornet, Pine Plant, Rhinocider

Part 1: It seems as though there was a burglary at Mayor Klaus' residence. Luckily, no harm came to the mayor or his family, but bracers have been asked to carry out a swift investigation.

Part 2: Josette has arisen as a suspect, based on our findings. We need to find her and grill her, before she skips town!

Notebook Entries

  1. The mayor's house was broken into! We need to check it out!
  2. Began an on-site investigation. Let's seach the place top to bottom. Question everyone!
  3. The culprit seems to have used a white powder to crack the safe...
  4. ...which suggests the culprit was a recent visitor.
  5. There were at least 3 or 4 culprits, and one was short.
  6. Residents claim the front door was locked, but let's confirm.
  7. The front door wasn't tampered with. They got in another way.
  8. We discovered fresh markings on the balcony railing.
  9. We also found a peculiar leaf in the attic. Possibly a clue!
  10. Based on the evidence, it was...
  11. Josette is a burglary suspect...
  12. We need to hurry to the hotel and catch her before she departs.
  13. Josette had checked out of the hotel just before we arrived.
  14. Let's hurry to the landing port!
  15. It seems she didn't go to the landing port, after all...
  16. Clued in by the Servais Leaf found in the mayor's residence, we decided to head to Mistwald.
  17. Mistwald lies far to the south along the Elize Highway.
  18. We found Josette and the Sky Bandits deep within the forest!
  19. We recovered the stolen crystal, but the bandits got away...


Mayor Klaus will rush into the Rolent Guild while you are reporting on The Liberl Media quest. Apparently he has been robbed! Everything is a mess, and that glorious Septium Crystal is gone! You will immediately join Schera and head to the Mayor's home, where you will find quite a mess and your hard work in the mine significantly less useful. After Schera heads off with the mayor, begin canvasing the area for clues.

In the Mayor's Study, check out the safe, the book case (there are 2 but they say the same thing), the chest by the door, the pot by the safe, the table and the desk by the sofa. Then, head outside to the terrace and check the railing for clues of how they got access to the home. Now head to the attic and pick up the Servais Leaf left behind, then talk to Lita and Mylene in their rooms. After you got all that done, head downstairs and check out the front door before reporting the Schera.

Let her know you found lots of evidence and begin your report. If you get all 4 questions right, you get extra BP once the mission is complete! The correct answers are: After Septium, Groups of 3 or 4, Got in via terrace on the 2nd floor, and Traveler who visited recently. With that done, a list of suspects becomes very short and Scherazard Harvey will join your party as you hunt the criminal down! (Wait, someone of here stature is only Level 12?)

Your next stop is the Hotel, where you need to talk to Verne. Your sespect left already, so run over to the Landing Port where the perverted Alan will tell you how he loves school uniforms. If Josette isn't here, where is she? When asked, remember about the Servais Leaf, which will lead you to the forest of Mistwald!

This will be the 2nd time you will be here, that is if you completed the Medical Necessities quest, so the first area should be familiar to you. Head into the next area of Mistwald where you will encounter Rhinociders. Best to attack these things from behind, or use fire to wipe them out quickly. The far left bridge will lead to a Bear Claw. Next take the center bridge and head straight north to get another Bear Claw. The north exit leads to a tree which has no use at this point, so head east to the next area until you reach Josette and her band of bandits, Lonnie, Dino, and Lyall.

When given the choice, listen to what they are saying for extra BP, then confront them in glorious battle! Unlike past fights, this one is actually quite long and difficult. The 3 Bandits have a lot of HP, and deal a moderate amount of damage, but Josette is the real problem. She uses lots of Arts, mainly Petrify, can heal herself and her pals, deals moderate ranged damage, a strong defense, and has lots of HP. You may want to use some Arts and Crafts of your own to shorten the fight. If you are at least Level 11 or 12, it isn't too difficult, but on the harder difficulty, or if you are less than Level 10, this might be one huge headache!

Once the fight is over, Kyle will swoop down and rescue the band of Bandits, leaving you holding your weapons and heading back to the guild with a sour taste in your mouth. This will end the Prologue.

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