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The Forest of Mistwald is located south of the City of Rolent, just off the Elize Highway near Gurune Gate. You will first enter this area when searching for the elusive Bear Claw for the church, but further exploration will be required near the end of the Prologue.

When you first enter Mistwald during the Medical Necessities mission, enemies are very dangerous at low levels. You may want to focus on using Arts for most of the battles. In the eastern area for the Bear Claw and Tear Balm. The northern areas are full of much more powerful enemies, but if you can get past them, head to the eastern area of the map to find a Hide Jumpsuit! Note that this chest and the Bear Claw here are only available during this quest and is not available later!

The middle area contains two more Bear Claws at the western clearning and in the north. The northern area is only important for specific quests.


Map of Mistwald:

Mistwald Map Elize Highway


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