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Medical Necessities

This is one of the four optional side quests available while Mayor Klaus' Request is active. Note that this mission will expire upon completion of the Prologue.

Client: Father Divine
Pay: 250 Mira, 3 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: High
Locations: Mistwald

I am searching for a flower known as a Bear Claw, and a Savory Pinion. The former is native to the forest of Mistwald south of Rolent and the latter comes from insect-like monsters.

Anyone who finds these items, please come see me at the Rolent Chapel.

Notebook Entries

  1. Delivered the medical ingredients to Father Divine.


It is likely that you have several Savory Pinion by the time you receive this request as they are dropped by Red Insectos. If you don't you will also come across them when searching Mistwald for the Bear Claw during fights with Killer Hornets.

Mistwald itself can be quite difficult when you first get the request, but if you stick to the first area, which contains the Bear Claw in the north east area, you should be fine. Plus, the enemies here will likely give you great experience to make you stronger for the upcoming story-related missions. If you are brave, there is a Hide Jumpsuit in the eastern area, which is only available for a short time!

Once you have obtained both items, just talk to Father Divine to give him the items, then report it completed at the guild.

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