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Orbment Replacement

This is one of the four optional side quests available while Mayor Klaus' Request is active. Note that this mission will expire once you enter the Malga Mine during the main request, so complete this one as soon as possible.

Client: Freddy
Pay: 600 Mira, 3 BP, Impede 2
Bonus: 1 BP
Difficulty: Medium
Locations: Milch Main Road
Enemies: Flying Feline

I'm looking for someone to replace a malfunctioning orbment light in a road lamp on the Milch Main Road.

For details, please see me at the Melders Orbal Factory.

Notebook Entries

  1. The operation site will be the 6th road lamp from Rolent along the Milch Main Road.
  2. The combination for the maintenance panel lock is 544818.
  3. Finished changing the Orbment Light. Let's report back to Freddy!
  4. We reported that the operation was completed without incident.


Once you have accepted this mission from the Rolent Job Board, head to Melders Orbal Factory and speak with Freddy. He will tell you the sixth lamp needs replacement on Milch Main Road. Take the west path out of Rolent and head into the 2nd (middle) area of the road. The 3rd lamp post, the one nearest to the entrance to the western-most area, will be the one you are looking for. It will be the only one to give you an exclamation mark when you walk up to it.

Upon activating the lamp post, enemies will attack, but only one can fight them off while the other replaces the broken Orbment. Choosing Joshua to fix the post is the easiest option, but having Estelle work on the Orbment will actually give you the largest reward. The battle is fairly easy regardless of who fights. If you choose Estelle to fix the Orbment, you need to correctly enter the correct combination code of 544818, which is also in your Bracer Notebook if you forget it. Failing to enter the correct code, or if Joshua replaces the Orbment, you will lose your bonus.

Head back to Melders and report back to Freddy to complete the mission and get your Impede 2 Orbment, then report it completed at the Bracer Guild.

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