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Mushroom Hunt

This is one of the four optional side quests available while Mayor Klaus' Request is active. Note that this mission will expire during the The Liberl Media quest.

Client: Orvid Co. Ltd.
Pay: 700 Mira, 3 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Locations: Malga Trail
Enemies: Flying Feline

I am looking for a rare mushroom that grows only where there are rich deposits of septium in the ground. Should be an easy, fun job!

For details, please come seek me out. My name is Orvid, and I'll be waiting at the landing port.

Notebook Entries

  1. We will be searching for a Firefly Fungus. Apparently, these peculiar fungi can be found in grassy patches along the Malga Trail.
  2. Found a Firefly Fungus!
  3. Gave the Firefly Fungus to Orvid.


With job papers in hand, find Orvid at the Rolent Landing Port just before the kiosk. He will tell you a fantastic tale of a mysterious mushroom that grows in Septium rich soil, so head toward the Malga Mine. Take the north path out of Rolent to enter the Malga Trail. When the path splits east and west, take the east path, then continue north to the 3rd area of Malga Trail.

Don't exit to the mine itself, instead take the eastern split just before the exit of the Malga Trail. In this clearing you will find a chest and a patch of green grass. Checking that grassy area will reward you with the Firefly Fungus, and a quick battle against 3 Flying Felines. This battle is nothing that you haven't encountered before, so just clip those wings and head back to Orvid to give him a piece of your mind. Afterwards, your free to check in at the guild to complete the request.

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