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Mayor Klaus' Request

Upon completing the Perzel Farm Monsters request, Aina will tell you that the Mayor has need of your time. What could be so important that he needs the help of Rolent's newest Bracers?

Client: Bracer Guild
Pay: 1500 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: None
Details: Direct Request
Difficulty: Easy
Locations: Malga Mine
Enemies: Killer Crab

This request comes from the mayor himself. Please speak with him for further details.

Notebook Entries

  1. We need to speak with the mayor directly for details.
  2. The job's details are follows: Retrieve a Septium Crystal from the Malga Mine's chief, and bring it to the mayor's house.
  3. The Malga Mine's north of Rolent.
  4. The mine chief should be somewhere in the mine.
  5. We found an elevator, but it seems to have been locked. We should ask around about it.
  6. We borrowed an Elevator Key.
  7. We got the item, but there was a cave-in --and now, monsters!
  8. We have to rescue the miners!
  9. Amazingly, we rescued everyone!
  10. We delivered the Septium Crystal.
  11. Let's report back to the guild.


After speaking with Mayor Klaus in his mansion, head to the Malga Mine via the Malga Trail north of Rolent. After convincing the miner guarding the entrance to let you in, follow the path west until you reach the mine cart. To save time, pull the lever to inspect the elevator, then return and pull the lever again to speak to Miner Miles and get the Elevator Key so you can head down.

The chief you are looking for is found at the far south west vein of the mine. Mine Chief Gaton will give you the Septium Crystal, and 2 Tear Balm, just as all hell breaks loose in the mine. The attack of the Killer Crabs won't be too difficult, especially if you've done all the side quests, but they can be annoying if they call for help.

After the battle, Gaton will follow you as venture through the mine to rescue the miners. This means you will need to defend him during the fights until he leaves your party. You will need to venture into every corner of the mine in your rescue attempt, so expect to fight lots of crabs. If needed, there is an orbment charging station near the bridge in the middle of this area. After rescuing the 3 groups, head to the elevator to return to the upper level.

With the miners safe for now, head back to town to report to Mayor Klaus, who is busy educating a certain "Girl in Uniform." He will explain what he needed the crystal for, and give you a good pat on the back before you head back to the guild to report your quest completed.

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