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The Liberl Media

Upon completing Mayor Klaus' Request, Aina will have you seek out a reporter with the Liberl Times who seeks protection and a guide.

Client: Bracer Guild
Pay: 2000 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: None
Details: Direct Request
Difficulty: Medium
Locations: Esmelas Tower
Enemies: Coral Shell, Fly Skipper, Pom, Robber Trapper (Boss)

There is a request from a Liberl News reporter to lend some assistance in getting coverage for a news story.

He seems to be looking for a skilled guide.

Please see the client directly for further details about the job.

Notebook Entries

  1. Our next job entails leading a reporter into danger.
  2. Details available from the client, at the Hotel Rolent.
  3. According to Verne, the reporter went to the bar.
  4. We met with the reporter, Nial.
  5. We're headed to the top of the Esmelas Tower for this story!
  6. Need to meed up with his camerawoman at the orbal factory first.
  7. Met up with the camerawoman, Dorothy... and so, we're off!
  8. Made it to the top of the tower, and found a lone scholar there.
  9. Made it back to Rolent safely.
  10. Let's report to the guild.


First head to the Hotel and talk to Verne, who will redirect you to the local watering hole. The Liberl News Reporter you are looking for is the "Unshaven Man" found at the counter of Abend Bar, who goes by the name of Nial Burns. Introduce yourselves, then pick up his camera woman, Dorothy Hyatt from the Orbal Factory, where she has gotten herself in a bit of trouble. Once the two are along, head north to the Esmelas Tower. We've been there before during Child Rescue, but if you forgot, just take the Malga Trail until the split, then head west. Just remember that you now have two civilians that need protection in battles, although Dorothy might still have a trick or two up her sleeve when it comes to dealing with enemies.

The layout of this dungeon is quite simple for the first 2 floors, and the Coral Shells that you encounter shouldn't cause you much of any issue. If you need any extra fire power against the enemies here, though, just use fire.

(If you need a map to help you navigate this dungeon, click here.)

The 3rd floor introduces collapsed walkways, which makes the area a bit of maze, but it isn't that hard since the floor is so small. Also, a few more enemies are introduced, like the Fly Skippers and the Poms. These two are a more annoying since the Fly Skippers steal your HP, and the Poms steal your EP. Also don't forget the Tear Balm in the chest on the western broken path (go past the stairs to find it.)

The 4th floor now creates dividing walls in the middle, and two extra platforms. Before heading to the middle area on this floor, continue along the outer wall to grab a pair of Knitted Shoes. Now grab another chest containing another Tear Balm at the south-end of this floor by taking the south-west path in the middle area, then follow the wall around.

There are two stairs to go up to the 5th floor, and it matters which one you take. First head up the south-west stairs. Be careful of the enemies as they show up in very large groups on this floor. Just follow the wall along the west and the path to the chest near the middle. SAVE FIRST, then open the chest. This is a boss chest with 3 Robber Trappers inside. These things self-destruct, so hit them with as many ranged attacks and Arts as you can. Don't take your time, though, as they have Arts of their own, and your companions are easy targets.

Once you have your Tin Staff equipped, head back down to 4F and take the stairs up on the south-east platform, accessible by going north-east from the middle, then following the wall. Head around the walls of the dungeon to the very northern platform to grab a chest with a Potluck in a Shell (don't ask the chest how long it's been in there.) Then follow the inner bridge to the center platform with the tree, then head up through the south platform.

You'll meet Professor Alba and hear all about the history of the tower and the Sept-Terrions, then talk with the others, several times. You'll learn how cameras work, the burglaries in Bose, Joshua's fears, and the other towers. After you return to town, head back to the Guild to report everything complete and immediately start Mayoral Theft.

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